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Eye Couture

Eye Couture imports top-end brands from around the world to South Africa, where they distribute them to optometrists and also sell them to consumers. Eye Couture fills a gap in the market for quality designed, fashion-forward eyeglasses. The business started in a garage with two sales reps, and in just five years it has expanded to multiple retail outlets, wholesales, and import and export operations.  

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The business case 

Eye Couture experienced business challenges due to the multiple systems they used to manage their data. Eye Couture employs staff at various locations, including its retail stores, the head office, and in remote offices, as its sales representatives often visit customer locations. The company needed to provide all its employees with timely and reliable business and customer data. Having disconnected data sources made that accessibility a challenge. Considering the expanding pace of their business, Eye Couture realized they needed to find a solution that would consolidate their data and simplify access

The solution 

In LS Central, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Eye Couture found a software solution with a rich set of retail features and the ability to deliver a clear, centralized overview of the whole business to all employees.

The solution was implemented by Just Dynamics, an LS Retail partner located in South Africa. “Their track record spoke for itself,” says Gregory Nichles, owner and manager, describing how they selected their technology partner. The solution was implemented in a very short time frame, and Just Dynamics’ support was invaluable in consolidating all the information from the disparate systems the company was using into one master database. 

Eye Couture selected the cloud version, LS Central SaaS: the cloud everyone in the company to be on the same page with reliable, real-time data. 


With LS Central SaaS, the company has:

  • single, comprehensive view of both their wholesale and retail business. 
  • Reliable data that all employees can access thanks to the cloud. 
  • Greater adaptability to change
  • A solution that’s geared for growth.  
  • Greater productivity as all touchpoints are connected. 

“It’s systems and people that make the business, and then products. We like to think we’ve got the right people, and we like to think now we’ve got the right system, so we’re looking forward to the next chapter in this journey,” says Nichles. 

Eye Couture

Whether it’s someone in the head office or someone at one of our retail locations, we can access stock availability, customer orders, as well as any other touchpoints we have with either our retail or wholesale customers.

Gregory Nichles, owner and manager

LS Retail implementation partner

Just Dynamics Software Solutions

Just Dynamics Software Solutions is the largest Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner in South Africa with around 60 clients and the two largest concurrent usage sites in Africa.

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