Did Ms. Buttercup's problems get solved?

Written by Anna Kristin Jeppesen | 13 April 2016

Since I shared my last blog with you so much has happened that I hardly know where to start. My friend Mary was in touch as she'd promised and we went together to buy new hardware. So bye-bye old cash register (see you at the museum) and welcome new, shiny, hi-tech touch-screen masterpiece! When we came back to the bakery, Mary set up LS One system on the new machines. She had the software up and running in literally no time. So now I have the Site Manager to control all my items and the LS One POS to take care of the sales. It only took a couple of sales for me and my staff to learn how the new POS works thanks to the extremely user-friendly layout of the POS setup. All the cakes are sold by image so we don’t have to remember the name or price of the cakes we're selling and each type of cupcake has its own button on the screen. It is easy for me to create new items whenever I come up with a new recipe. I can control the prices down to each customer. So now the sales are faster and we don’t have any problems with wrong pricing. And the 50% discount I have at the end of each day is calculated automatically. Not to forget, I can easily set up, for example, a mix and match offer for a cupcake and coffee. The customers are quite impressed with how we've managed to improve service just by getting proper technology installed! Now with LS One installed I can view reports of my sales, such as which cakes are selling best or worst, sales during the day and even sales per customer. This helps me plan and by planning I save some costs. I can plan when to have extra staff in my store for the peak hours. I can plan which cakes and how many pieces I should bake each weekday or on the weekend. And I can have an overview of how many cakes I have given to charity. Not one single order has gotten lost since I got LS One because now I just enter the ordered cakes in the POS and suspend the transaction. When I suspend the transaction it is printed in the kitchen and the next morning, I can get all the orders for the day ready. I really think that LS One’s features can boost my business and take it to the next level. I'm so looking forward to see how my sales will be affected in the next weeks...   In case you missed it, here you find Ms. Buttercup first blog! Now are you curious to know what happens next? More will follow soon.