Meet Ms Buttercup, baker extraordinaire

Written by Anna Kristin Jeppesen | 06 April 2016

My name is Anna Buttercup and I love baking. I’ve had a lifelong dream to make a living of my passion and hobby, and get to do what I love – all day long, every day. Now at last I’ve had the courage to do something about it and have opened my very own bakery called Anna’s Cupcake Bakery. I have a small store downtown and the business is starting to bloom. The word is spreading and I keep getting more customers to my bakery with every week that goes by. But some days I wonder why I bother. I have major problems with the service at my bakery. The sales are slow and I keep building up long lines of customers waiting to order or to collect preordered cakes. Customers with a weekly standing order should get the cakes at a special price but I and my staff can’t seem to calculate the price and serve the customers quickly enough. And we’ve even lost some orders and the cakes were not ready when the customer came to collect them. I sometimes wonder how other shop-owners can handle this pressure. To ensure that my customers only get the best I empty the bakery at the end of each day to bake new cakes the following day. I give a 50% discount the last half hour of opening and, instead of throwing the rest of the cakes away, I take them to a homeless shelter not far away from here. Although the people there are very happy to see me, it sometimes makes me wonder if I would give away less cakes and lower my costs by planning the baking better. I can’t figure out what my customers want every day and how much of each I should bake. I need something to help me with my statistics!!! My old vintage cash register, inherited from my father (who got it from his father) is very stylish but I am starting to think it may be a part of my problem. Or maybe not a part of my problem but there might be something else, something better that could actually help me. A couple of days ago I was walking downtown and I met an old friend that I haven’t seen for years and we started chatting and as our conversation led us to our careers I told my friend, Mary, about my bakery. Mary told me that she is working for a company called LS Retail and they are developing a great POS solution for small to medium businesses called LS One. So I told her all about the situation at the bakery and Mary promised to help me get rid of all my problems. She will be in touch next week and tell me what we need to do. I wonder what this LS One software solution can do for me. Will it solve my problems?   Are you curious to know what happens next? Read Ms.Buttercup's next blog   [hubspot id="2"]