LS Nav 11.05: easier replenishment, faster setup of hardware devices, quicker table service

Written by LS Retail | 23 October 2018


Version 11.05 of LS Nav was released on October 18, 2018. Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting new features now available.

Speed up the maintenance of replenishment parameters

In this release, we introduce a new approach that will dramatically reduce your effort in maintaining Replenishment parameters. The new Replenishment Control Data List combines information from Items, Item Store Records and Item Distribution into one page, and allows mass data updates based on filters and marks with a top-down approach and inheritance of properties. This new page enables you to:
  • Mass edit items. This can be done in different ways:
    • Mark multiple items or item store records, apply a field change, and update all marked records with new field value.
    • Filter multiple items or item store records, apply a field change, and update all filtered records with new field value.
  • Activate inheritance of properties from items to item store records. Apply a field change for an item and the system will update all related item store records with the new field value.
  • Save and reuse filters for items and item store records.
  • Create custom views and define which replenishment parameters should be shown on the view. Link saved filters to views to build your fully personalized replenishment data maintenance page.
The Replenishment Control Data List feature is a powerful addition to the Replenishment suite and will make data maintenance easier, simpler and much faster.

Easily set up and manage hardware profiles

The LS Nav POS Hardware Profile Card can now detect what devices are available in a LS Hardware Station, and add them automatically to the POS Hardware profile card. If a device has already been added, a prompt will ask users if they want to override the setting. This new feature removes the need to manually type in new devices, and simplifies the setup and management of the Nav hardware profile card.

Cancel and reprint the receipt of last transaction

Thanks to a new functionality in the EFT implementation, now users can cancel payments that have already been sent from the POS to the Pin Entry Device (PED). A further new functionality enables users to reprint the PED receipt of the last EFT transaction. This new feature is part of the currently ongoing PayEx and AltaPay certification process for the LS Nav POS. At the end of this process, the connection from the LS Nav POS via LS Pay will be officially certified by both PayEx and AltaPay.

Offer faster service in your quick service restaurant

The new Send to KDS on item added feature helps QSR operators minimize customer waiting times. As soon as an item is added to the POS, the system sends it straight to the Kitchen Display System, so the kitchen staff can immediately start preparing the food order.

Transfer tables on a mobile device

The Transfer Tables setting, which allows you to transfer orders between dining tables, is now available when you run the LS Nav POS on small (less than 7 inches) mobile devices. This means that you can now fully manage your table service on a mobile phone, with the same functionality as at the stationary POS.

Technical changes: Store Inventory replaces InStore Management Worksheets

Instore Management Worksheets were released in LS Nav 10.10, released in December 2017, with the aim to replace Store Inventory Worksheets. Until now, users could choose to use either InStore Management Worksheets or Store Inventory worksheets in order to create their own store-specific inventory processes. With this release, we have removed the InStore Management Worksheets, activating Store Inventory instead. InStore worksheets are based on standard NAV objects, and with every journal line entered, the system runs many unnecessary validations. Sometimes, in large installations, this results in waiting in deadlocks. Store Inventory Worksheets, on the other hand, are based on LS Nav's own object range, on which we have full control, speeding up the system. If you have not already activated Store Inventory before upgrading to LS Nav 11.05, you should consider doing so, if you wish to upgrade the Inventory masks (in Store Inventory Setup in earlier versions).

Implementing a new management system doesn’t have to be a nightmare

Implementing a new management system doesn’t have to be a nightmare

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