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Are you getting the most out of your loyalty program?

Written by Petur Sigurdsson | 15 June 2016


From the Millennials - the tech-savvy generation that can’t remember a time without the internet – to their parents, modern consumers are characterized by being busy, connected and empowered. Smartphones and other mobile devices are deeply integrated in the modern consumer’s lifestyle – and this includes shopping. If you don’t have a mobile platform where your customers can check your product availability and shop, you risk losing their patronage. LS Retail’s omni-channel solutions, the LS Omni package, build directly on top of our integrated business management system, LS Nav. This means that all the content in the Omni solutions and apps –from item availability to product description and prices - is always up-to-date and correct, as the information flows straight out of LS Nav to every touchpoint: from the brick and mortar store, to your e-commerce and mobile solutions.

Reap countless benefits with the LS Omni mobile loyalty app

The LS Omni mobile loyalty app is a modern app that your customers can download on their smartphone. When you purchase the solution, you will be able to change the app’s look and feel by rebranding it with your logo and colors, as well as adding or removing features. Use the LS Omni mobile loyalty app to:
  • Achieve customer loyalty. Increase the number of returning customers by keeping them well informed about offers and coupons they may be entitled to. Whereas paper coupons may get lost, forgotten or thrown away by mistake, with the app your customers will always have all your promotional material –from discount vouchers, to details about special in-store events- readily available on their smartphone when needed.Coupons are easy to use via the app; customers can even add them beforehand to their personal QR code and use them automatically at the next valid transaction.
  • Offer around the clock shopping. With the app, your customers will be able to browse your item master and make their purchases whenever they like. Offer Click & Collect or home delivery – or add more delivery options.
  • Increase customer engagement with personalized offers. It is important to target each customer with the right products: people are much more likely to respond to offers on items they are interested in. Connect the loyalty app to the customer management feature in LS Nav, and use your customers’ profiles, preferences and shopping history to send tailored discounts, coupons and offers.
  • Increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts with the use of analytics. Dig through the data flowing to LS Nav from the app, and use the intelligence to improve your marketing strategy. You can, for instance, use the app data to identify cold customers –customers who were once active but haven’t been buying from you in a while - and send them tailored offers to entice them to come back to the store.
  • Provide better customer service. You can use the app to provide your customers with useful information about your business, from opening hours, to description and pictures of items, to stock availability, locations and more. Your customers can also use the app to review their whole shopping history with you across the channels (e-commerce / app / store). This makes it easy to check previous purchases in case of need (for example, when buying extra accessories for items previously bought).
  • Let your customers get social. Your customers can use the app to connect to social media, where they can show their new purchases, or get social validation before buying.
  • Offer more flexible shopping options. The app can also be used during in-store shopping; when a customer scans the barcodes with their camera phone, the app pulls up the product info on the phone from the item master. Customers can then decide whether they want to add the item to their basket.
  Are you ready to satisfy the modern consumer demands and become an omni-channel business