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Saudi Supermarket Chain Ambitions Grow with LS Retail IT Solution

Written by LS Retail | 28 March 2015

Noori Supermarket, founded in 1950, now with five branches in the Makkah region of Saudi Arabia, introduced at a January 18th ceremony its new end-to-end retail solution, which was provided by LS Retail. The chain is set to grow to 40 stores in the near future.
This is the first externally-sourced IT solution for this chain of five supermarkets, which is set to grow to 40 stores in Saudi Arabia in the near future. Godgej Infotech a Saudi partner of LS Retail, is responsible for installation and maintenance of the IT solution. The solution will cover 80 points of sale in the five supermarkets, with a potential for some 800 points of sale shortly, when Noori expands. Mr. Esam Saif Ali Amer, CFO of Noori Super Market and Mr. Kingshuk Chatterjee, Vice President Global Sales & Marketing of Godrej Infotech are photographed at the January 18th signing. Noori picked LS Retail because it wanted a total solution to streamline their business processes that could grow with them as they expand and which could serve their customers better. The LS Retail Nav solution allows Noori Supermarket to integrate their financial and administrative operations in a single database, thus facilitating the effective management of daily operations from anywhere on the basis of data from any location. LS Retail opened its Dubai field office in January 2013, to better serve the Middle East, Africa and India. Speaking on growth potential in the Middle East, LS Retail’s Regional Director Waddah Laham said: “This relationship in western Saudi Arabia is just the overture for what I expect will be more opportunities to get Saudi retailers on board with our easier, simpler and faster solutions. Word of mouth and customer satisfaction will tell the tale. So far, the feedback has been impressive. I’m very optimistic about prospects in the new LS Retail territories.“