Vah Magna is an organization poised for growth as Indian consumers continue to raise their demands for convenient and experiential shopping/dining. To be able to respond to our customers with utmost efficiency, we needed to develop a robust ERP system that does away with disparate systems. LS Retail was our choice as an internationally proven solution.

Sriram Kakkera,

Challenges that range from single system format to IT training to creating customer experience, can only be brought about through a robust ERP system. It is the ease that the solution such as LS Retail, has brought about in our operations that will allow Vah Magna to emerge as a leading retail organization. The response time of our implementation partner, EBT has been fast and the work they have done for us in the Retail and Supply Chain Management has been second to none. They have helped us to optimize and automate our processes, which has saved us valuable IT time daily. We have been more than satisfied with our partnership with DVS and EBT.

Saty Anarayana,

LS Retail Partner

EBT Middle East LLC
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