Since it is now possible to drill down from the posting screen to the actual transaction, it has become much faster and easier to research and solve discrepancies prior to closing the books. After having used NAV for 3 months, we can say that time required closing the books has been reduced significantly.

Accounting Staff,

In the previous system, replenishment allocation and shipping documents were produced using MS Access which contained data from the main DB. The product demand by store was computed only by comparing the stock available in the store with the minimum store requirements. Today, all the above manual tasks have been automated and thanks to the new settings available in NAV, average sales are also factored in the replenishment equation, resulting in time savings. Furthermore, it is now possible to set-up priorities among sales channels, such as store vs. wholesale, for product allocation, resulting in an improvement of the service provided by the supply chain department.

Supply Chain Management Staff,

In the previous system, data source was only accessible by the supply chain team. Now we can access the data directly, easily and real-time. This reduced the processing time tremendously. And it will get only better as we become more proficient in the use of Jet Reports.

MD Staff,