Being a rapidly growing firm in an extremely competitive market, we had to make sure we made a good start with our retail and back office systems. We had to search for a software solution able to fully cover the company’s operations from back office to store operations and e-shop integration. LS Nav is a proven solution that can support our growing strategy and help our firm offer a seamless and consistent customer experience.

Michalis Tsiknakis,

By giving us, for the first time, actionable insights into our data, LS Nav helped us take better decisions, increase sales and improve inventory.

Michalis Tsiknakis,

LS Retail Partner

Real Consulting S.A.

For over 15 years, Real Consulting has delivered improved operational efficiency through technology driven, innovative solutions and excellent client service. The company is committed to innovation and specializes in cutting-edge technologies such real-time business, ΙοΤ and omni-channel.

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