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LS Retail | 16 November 2016

Why businesses are embracing the cloud (and you should, too) [infographic]

Why businesses are embracing the cloud (and you should, too) [infographic]
You might have seen already the first half of our two-part infographic on cloud computing. This week’s infographic explores the ways the cloud has transformed the business landscape. Millions of companies around the world depend on the cloud for a host of different tasks – from creating documents, to social CRM, to data backup and storage, and more. The cloud has brought new speed into the business environment: data can be updated in real time, and it is accessible to different users around the globe. But that’s not all. Check out our infographic to find out more about the impact the cloud has had on businesses, and to discover how retailers and restaurateurs take advantage of cloud computing.
  The cloud transforming businesses

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