We make business easy

LS Retail | 26 October 2014

We make business easy
Do you agree with me that if something goes fast and simple, it is easy? Hence, in "Easier, Simpler, Faster" it is the "Simpler" and "Faster" that solution providers need to focus on, in order to make business "Easier" for retailers, not to forget about the consumers. Meeting consumer expectations may not necessarily be an easy task for retailers nowadays. I, for one, would like to buy specific items online; I have a hard time understanding when a retailer does not ship to Iceland. (Why, oh why?!?), I would like the courier service to deliver to my house after working hours (and ASAP), and would like to be able to easily return things if they don't fit, or don't meet my expectations. I would also like to go to conventional stores to browse through catalogs, to see what is on offer but not on display in the store. I would like to be able to special-order things, not currently on stock. I would like to get the royal treatment if I'm a loyal customer, and would expect the staff to be able to tell me about the qualities of the products, and to give me a comparison between different products. Notice also how the focus is on "I". Fulfilling the needs of today's consumer requires collaboration between different parties, and retailers to improve in the following fields:
  • Selling goods across multiple channels
  • Working with 3rd party logistic vendors
  • Providing a consistent, speedy and personalized customer service
Retailers have identified their needs and they are looking for solutions. It is vital for solution providers to support a more collaborative model to enable retailers to better work with suppliers and customers. It is no longer sufficient for retailers to use conventional ERP systems for their business. They need to share and integrate data with 3rd parties; they need to have consumer portals and supplier portals; they need to predict and organize (because everything happens at the speed of light, integrate customer data, implement loyalty programs and have mobile solutions, web stores, and so on. All the above, and - "Easier, Simpler, Faster" - thank you! We all know what "faster" means. It means that you would like something to take less time than it has until now. “Simpler” might possibly mean fewer clicks, more obvious choices, fewer questions raised, fewer things to memorize, wizards, more automation. There are solutions out there that solve different aspects of retailers’ new needs. e-commerce solutions, reporting solutions, data analysis solutions, loyalty solutions and so on. But using a number of disparate solutions is likely to be neither Fast nor Simple. Might even be quite error-prone, and expensive (in terms of both time and money) to maintain. The optimal solution for retailers is a modular one that is integrated with their ERP system. Retailers need a one stop shop for their data, and from a one stop shop solution provider, to create a store (conventional or virtual) that keep customers coming back. This is the core of what LS Retail provides. Throughout LS Retail’s portfolio we strive to provide modular solutions, addressing the (different) needs of modern retailers, all modules working seamlessly together in a holistic retail solution. Our development efforts are aimed at making our solutions faster and simpler to implement and use. We make business easy. It's as simple as that. Written by Sigrun Dora Saevinsdottir, Chief Partner Operations Officer