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LS Retail | 09 June 2020

The winning move: unified commerce and the intelligence cloud

The winning move: unified commerce and the intelligence cloud


At LS Retail, we make it a habit to plan for the unexpected. Our strategy revolves around the 3 Cs; in other words, around staying:

  • Current with our customers’ needs, and with the pace of change.
  • Connected. Our technology is available across the globe, so all our customers and partners can take advantage of our latest innovation.
  • Creative. We devise innovative ways to solve your challenges, so you can run your processes faster, more easily, and using fewer resources.

This is a strategy that you can adopt, too, to hit the ground running when this recession is over.

For our partners and customers, staying current, connected and creative translates into powering your business with unified commerce technology, powered by the cloud.

In the past few months, we have seen with our own eyes the value of unified commerce software, which help you sell across the channels seamlessly. Retailers employing unified commerce could adapt quickly to the new normal, and follow the consumer wherever he or she was. These are the businesses that weathered the storm standing, and kept their doors open during and after the crisis.

The LS Retail unified commerce solutions are built on Microsoft Dynamics, a global cloud service that gives you the secure, solid infrastructure you require. Today all research and development happen within the cloud. Software as a service (SaaS) supports retail and hospitality businesses through times of change by keeping them up-to-date automatically, no effort needed. With SaaS you also get speed to market, innovative functionality and a competitive edge – all you need to face and overcome any new demand, or even crisis ahead.

The cloud is the answer to many of the challenges ahead. Artificial Intelligence, which helps you make insightful business decisions and deliver personalized experiences, is today available to most businesses thanks to the power of the cloud.

Still, many businesses are weary of moving all their data and services online. They fear they will lose their previous investments, and be less resilient.

We hear you. That’s why we have invested so much in our hybrid cloud plan.

Our hybrid model enables you to run part of your setup in the cloud, and part on-premises. You get the best of both worlds. On the one hand, you have the speed of the cloud and the innovative services that are available as SaaS. On the other hand, you have the reliability of the intelligent edge, so you can run your POS, and your sales, even when you are offline.

What will your business look like when the next crisis has come and gone? Will you have used this time to future proof your business with innovative technology that reduced your costs and kept you on pace with your customers’ needs? Or will you miss your chance for a seat on the cloud’s evergreen train?

Your move.

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