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LS Retail | 09 September 2015

Why the cloud is here to stay: the evolution of cloud computing [Infographic]

Why the cloud is here to stay: the evolution of cloud computing [Infographic]
The first cloud-like applications popped up at the end of the 1990s. The term “cloud computing” appeared for the first time in 1997, in a lecture by information systems professor Ramnath Chellappa. Since then, thanks to its ability to store data remotely on servers across the world, the cloud has gone a long way. Time Magazine recently wrote that 2015 would be the year of the cloud, “the most important new technology in decades”. Tiffani Bova, Vice President & Sales Strategies analyst at Gartner, believes that we are just seeing the beginning of the rise of the cloud. To know more about this new technology’s rapid ascent, take a look at our new infographic (below), which illustrates the expansion of the cloud in the past few years and in the nearby future.

(click to enlarge - opens in a new tab) The-cloud-grows-LS-Retail-Infographic

Increasingly more businesses have jumped on the cloud; but what is in it for them? To get an answer to this question, stay tuned for the second and final part of our series of infographics on the cloud. In our next infographic we will focus on how cloud computing has been helping businesses, transforming their operations and increasing their revenue.

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