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LS Retail | 07 May 2019

Stay close to your customers using heart, intelligence, and unified commerce

Stay close to your customers using heart, intelligence, and unified commerce

There is much talk about the increasingly big role technology plays in retail. Some see this as an opportunity; other are afraid that technology will make our world cold, impersonal –boring.

To us at LS Retail, that’s not what retail tech is about. On the contrary, unified commerce solutions can help you maintain the personal connection with customers even as you multiply your locations and begin operating through different channels.

Unified commerce systems enable you to track the customer journey, and to communicate with each single customer in a meaningful, personal, human way. When you know your customers’ tastes, birthday, and past purchases, you can help them wade through the jungle of products and information, so they can quickly find what is relevant to them.

Intelligence and heart

Unified commerce is driven by data, and powered by intelligence.

Intelligence transforms disconnected data into actionable information, so you can properly attend to your customers and support them as they wander around the web and the world.

Intelligence informs your marketing by telling you who you should cater to, and how to best speak to each customer.

Intelligence supports your logistics and operations with forecasts of what to keep on stock, where and when.

At the same time, intelligence also helps shoppers make informed decisions on-line and in-store.

Data and intelligence can empower you to give your customer attention that is relevant, timely, and genuine. In return, you will get that most precious form of customer love: loyalty.

Follow your vision

Supported by the LS Retail unified commerce business platform, you can easily expand your retail business, diversify it, and create unforgettable events and experiences. And you can do all of this while keeping that personal connection with your customers.

There are just three steps you have to take to get there. It’s a big commitment, but one that will pay you back.

  1. Embrace the cloud. The cloud enables you to gather data, apply intelligence to it, and drive action. Don’t let fear of the cloud hold your business back.
  2. Trust us. Stay up-to-date, stay on the current version. We can take you to the future – but only if you decide to come along for the ride.
  3. Stay passionate. Let your desire to make your customers happy be the fuel that propels you every day. Without that, there is no reason for us to be on this journey.

In return, we commit to making intelligence available everywhere in our solutions. Not because it is easy, but because it is what you need to keep delivering warm, personal experiences – no matter how big you get, or how many hundreds of thousands of shoppers you meet every day. Keep making them feel special: LS Retail solution will be there, supporting you all the way.

Quit wasting time and losing business due to the wrong technology
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Quit wasting time and losing business due to the wrong technology

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