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LS Retail | 12 January 2015

LS Retail’s 2014 Year in Review and looking ahead to 2015

LS Retail’s 2014 Year in Review and looking ahead to 2015
In 2014 LS Retail matured very nicely, thanks to the dedication, drive and imagination of our entire team. We sustained some of the most innovative changes since the formation of the company and introduced and refined ground-breaking products for the retail and hospitality trades. Our profitability and global growth are proof positive of this sustained teamwork. Among the highlights of our growth in 2014 was strong momentum in North America, Asia and Eastern Europe. In Asia and the Middle East we experienced a dramatic 100% growth in one year. The mix of LS Retail activities globally is shifting to meet retail growth in these and other “new territories”, where we have had 500% growth since 2009.

Recognized Excellence

I am proud that LS Retail keeps getting recognized as the one of the top ISVs in the world. We reached the Microsoft Inner Circle for the sixth year, as well as being awarded “ISV of the Year” for Central and Eastern Europe. And we are once again proud members of Microsoft President’s Club. These are great acknowledgments of the hard work all our employees put in on a daily basis.

2015 – Seizing New Opportunities in Retail

From growing IT investments in retail, to changing shopping behavior, this coming year is promising to be an exciting one for us. I am confident that we will continue to see similar or even better growth in 2015, thanks to our extremely strong product and solution offerings. New rollouts will lead the way for us in the year and years ahead. With LS Omni, our customers can meet the needs of modern consumers, who will continue to be more and more demanding. Consumers know more about what they want, when they want it, how much they’re willing to pay and how they want to pay. They want to be able to access the retailer any time, on the computer, on tablets, in the store and on their smartphones. More and more shoppers are ordering by mobile means and then picking up their items at a store or restaurant. Electronically-driven relationships with stores and restaurants will become everyday aspects of life for millions of consumers. Businesses that ignore this mobile revolution risk losing the demanding retail race. 2015 will bring new challenges and rewards to us all. Our work helps empower our customers to succeed in their business, because our solutions and services help them maintain loyal customers and profitable operations. LS Retail’s uniquely talented staff is empowered to work unceasingly towards delivering the best in class retail solutions. As I put in my New Year’s message to everybody at LS Retail, so that we can maximize on our resources and talent pool, 2015 is to be the year of empowerment. Our main job is 2015 is to continue to make everything we do Easier, Simpler and Faster: easier for our customers to use,simpler for them to implement and faster for them to deliver. We are going for the second time as an exhibitor to the NRF’s Retail Conference and Exhibition in New York in January. And in April 14-17, LS Retail will be hosting conneXion 2015 in exotic and cosmopolitan Dubai, our Middle East hub, where we also look forward to greeting many of our partners, customers and other retail and hospitality professionals. Wishing you the very best in 2015. Magnus Norddahl CEO, LS Retail
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