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LS Retail | 25 January 2017

LS Retail – a great place to launch your career

LS Retail – a great place to launch your career
LS Retail is an international, rapidly growing software company that also happens to be a world leader in all-in-one business management solutions. We are committed to creating high-quality products, and to do that we need to have the best talents available on the market. That’s where you come in! A company like ours, creating software for the fast-paced retail industry, needs to stay ahead of the game and deliver reliable (in retail, a sale delayed because of technical problems may be a sale lost!) and innovative products. To do that we need to focus on today’s talents (that’s you again), and also to think about tomorrow, and find ways to impact the future! That’s why we reach out to and work with the school system, for example by helping fund research programs, and taking part in initiatives like Girls in ICT designed to grow inclusion in technology (so we can meet, and perhaps help create, future talents).

Keep calm and stay curious

Our workplace is an engaging one; bursting with experience, loaded with talent and topped off with exciting challenges and opportunities.  To help us manage all the daily hustle and bustle we believe in three things – making things easier, simpler and faster. To do that we motivate our teams and give them the power to make decisions and provide them with all the support they need on the way. We encourage the desire to learn, and give our employees the means and tools to further their knowledge – curiosity is a must have in our company! We won’t tell you how to do your job, we want you to tell us how we can help you do it better!

All work and no play makes retail a boring business

At LS Retail we do a lot of work, but that’s not all we are about. For us, it’s important to respect the fact that the people who work with us are, first and foremost, people. And people need to have fun, they need breaks, and they need interaction. That’s why we have built an environment that makes people want to stretch their legs and have a chat with their colleagues. Meet up with others in the break area, grab a coffee, have some fruits and talk about the latest episode of Game of Thrones! Coffee not good enough for you? Do you rather feel like winding down? How about a game of pool to calm the nerves and ruminate about your next genius idea? If you want more action than that, no problem: challenge your friends to a FIFA match in one of our game areas and show everyone where “David bought the ale!” (don’t worry if you don’t get the reference – apply for a job with us and we’ll tell you all about it!) Oh, and did we mention the pub quizzes? Cake o’clock? Team building events? Holiday celebrations? All the other things? Seriously, apply for a job and we’ll give you the whole story.

What about families?

We love families – even your weird uncle from Iceland... you know, the one that only shows up during the holidays and wants to give you strange smelling foods and then gloats when you eat them... ahem... yeah. But let’s get serious. We support employees with families and do our best to enable a simple and smooth flow between the demanding responsibilities of family and work life. We want everyone to be able to lead a relaxed and comfortable career at LS Retail, one which doesn’t affect their ability to spend quality time with their families. That’s why we have many events every year where employees can bring their spouses and children and have a fun time together.

The easier, simpler, faster version

To put it simply, LS Retail is a friendly workplace that offers high levels of job satisfaction, a fantastic working environment, and a large team of highly committed people who value you as an employee and a friend. We promise, retail has never been this much fun!  

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