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LS Retail | 03 May 2024

LS Retail expands operations into Malta and Southern Europe

LS Retail expands operations into Malta and Southern Europe

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of LS Retail Consulting services into Malta. This move is a key initiative aimed at enhancing our presence within Southern Europe and strengthening our partner network.  

Elevating our partner network and services 

To expand LS Retail into the Southern European region, we are assembling a dynamic team of consultants in Malta with expert knowledge in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and LS Central environments. The expansion not only signifies a commitment to existing LS Retail customers and partners in the region, but also opens doors for new collaborations in the market. We are already seeing great opportunities to fortify our partner network and strengthen our services within the region. 

"Our expansion into Malta represents a significant step in our growth strategy. We are excited to bring our expertise closer to our customers and partners in Southern Europe and build lasting partnerships within the community," says Johann Thorlaksson, Chief Consulting Officer at LS Retail.