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LS Retail | 06 January 2020

LS Retail and Adyen partner to help retailers benefit from unified payments globally

LS Retail and Adyen partner to help retailers benefit from unified payments globally

We have partnered with Adyen, the payments platform of choice for many of the world’s leading companies, in order to enable LS Retail’s merchants to provide unified commerce experiences to customers using a single and secure payments platform.

LS Retail: delivering unified commerce

Over 5,000 retail, food and beverage, forecourt and hospitality operators across 125 countries rely on LS Retail software solutions to run their business on a daily basis. The LS Retail unified commerce solutions enable businesses to run their whole business, from procurement to sales to customer data, across all sales channels, using a single platform.

“For many years, retailers have relied on disjointed, often home-grown software systems to run their business. But disconnected tech doesn’t give them the visibility and speed of action they need, and can ultimately destroy competitiveness. Unified commerce, a single platform that connects all parts of the business, has had a dramatic impact on retailers’ ability to understand their business and deliver simplified, seamless customer experiences,” says Magnus Norddahl, CEO and President at LS Retail.

Adyen: simplifying the payment environment

Adyen has met with quick success due to its agility and focus on building a single platform to accept payments anywhere in the world. The Adyen platform consolidates payment processes across channels and countries, with one contract across regions and one backend to manage it all. This means international retailers running on LS Retail and Adyen technology can accept secure payments online, in-store and via mobile across multiple countries without needing to invest in several integrations.

A partnership founded on innovation

Thanks to this new partnership, LS Retail customers worldwide can use the Adyen platform without needing to invest in costly EFT development. The integration includes EMV and PCI-compliant transactions, and the ability to auto-update terminals and offer shoppers their preferred method of payment through Adyen’s Terminal API. Retailers who take advantage of the LS Retail and Adyen platforms will also remain on the cutting edge, as all payment innovation delivered on the two platforms will be available to them out of the box, as a standard part of LS Pay.

“Integrated payments are a key component in delivering a unified experience across all channels. Our partnership with Adyen further strengthens our commitment to simplifying the business environment, providing retailers with the visibility and speed of action they require to meet customers’ needs,” says Magnus Norddahl.

“Unified commerce with the tokenization of payments brings the ability to recognize shoppers across channels, and is helping break down barriers for retailers,” explains Jean-Marc Thienpont, Managing Director Point of Sale Solutions at Adyen. “Where they previously struggled to understand how purchases were made across channels, LS Retail’s integration with Adyen not only helps retailers increase loyalty and drive higher spend, but also creates unified experiences between online and offline.”

Leading the way

Several retail and hospitality businesses are already taking advantage of the partnership, which was formalized earlier in 2019. Victoria‘s Secret recently opened its first Nordic flagship store in Stockholm, Sweden. The 900 square meter store, which also offers services such as bra sizings and fittings, is just one of the many retailers benefiting of the LS Retail and Adyen tech partnership.

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