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LS Retail | 05 February 2019

LS One 2019: better inventory and BI tools, now integrated to SAP Business One

LS One 2019: better inventory and BI tools, now integrated to SAP Business One
LS One 2019, the latest version of Point of Sale and back-office solution LS One, was just released. Let’s take a look at the top new functionality the LS One team has worked on in the past year.

Out-of-the-box integration to SAP Business One

System integrations are usually costly and time-consuming. In the past, LS One customers were forced to make a substantial investment when they needed to connect LS One with an accounting/ERP solution. This is not the case anymore. Our certified out-of-the-box integration between LS One and the ERP system SAP Business One enables any LS One customer to easily connect POS and ERP, and be up and running (and selling) in a matter of minutes. You just need to buy a pre-configured “LS One for SAP Business One POS” SKU, which comes with all the plugins to connect to an existing SAP Business One (from version 9.2 onwards) ERP solution. As simple as that. Once you have set up the connection, all your business information – including item master, business contacts, trade agreements, taxes, barcodes and more – will synchronize in real time between the two systems, with no extra work needed. LS One will cleverly book all transactions into the assigned GL accounts in SAP Business One, and instantly retrieve all the information you need from the ERP, and display it at the POS. We have done the heavy lifting for you, so you can benefit from all the tools LS One and SAP Business One offer from day one, in the most cost-effective, simple way.

Improved inventory performance

LS One customers range from single stores to complex multi-store enterprise environments. For many of our customers, it is essential to be able to easily process large quantities of items, for example when doing stock counting, store transfers and purchase orders. In this release, we have redesigned our web services, with a special focus on optimizing speed and effectiveness of our inventory functionality. As a result, operations that used to take ten minutes can now be performed in a matter of seconds. We have also implemented multithreading, so now more than one process can run at the same time, saving you even more time. These improvements will bring substantial time savings to retailers, and will especially benefit customers working with large data sets.

More powerful reporting with Microsoft Power BI

To take smart decisions, retailers need clear, detailed insights into their business processes. They also need to be able to drill down the information in multiple ways, depending on their business plans and goals. To help our customers get the insights they need, we have developed several new Microsoft Power BI templates. All of the templates, which include an extensive data model of almost all business artifacts in LS One, are available for free for LS One customers and partners. The process is simple: download the template, connect it to your SQL instance of LS One, and choose among a wide variety of reports. What if you cannot find the report you need in the standard template? No problem. Use the data model we provide, and create your own reports within seconds. And as Power BI runs in the cloud, you can always keep your business under control, and access all your LS One reports wherever you are, via any browser.

Get answers and support in the LS One Learning Center

Giving our partners and customers top quality support and information is one of our top priorities. For this reason, we are happy to introduce our new online Learning Center, a one-stop site where you can find all the resources you need to get the most out of your LS One system. Do you want to know how to use the data replication scheduler? Do you need help with configuring a mix & match offer? Would you like to understand how the LS One integration framework works? Just head onto the Learning Center: this is where you will find all the answers to your LS One questions. As the Learning Center is brand new, we are still in the process of expanding it. If any information you need is missing, we want to know! Your feedback will help us make this a truly useful resource for the whole LS One community.
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