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LS Retail | 05 December 2022

LS Central 21.0: improved replenishment and bookings, pharmacy release

LS Central 21.0: improved replenishment and bookings, pharmacy release

The latest version of LS Central was released on November 29th, 2022. Here’s an overview of what we have added and improved in the system.

Replenishment: over 80% faster replenishment journal calculation

We have refactored the program code for the Purchase and Transfer Replenishment Journal to improve performance. Additionally, you can now calculate the journals using parallel processes. When you enable this option, the system will evenly split the items in the journal and share them across multiple sessions so that they can be calculated in parallel. The result is a much shorter calculation time. The parallel calculation approach is available for the scheduler-based calculation.

How did we measure the journal calculation improvement?

According to measurements from our performance lab, the original code took 131 minutes to calculate a purchase replenishment journal with 25,000 items and 50 store locations. When we measured the improved code, we managed to reduce the time to 106 minutes. Further time reduction was achieved when we calculated the journal using parallel sessions. When we measured 10 parallel sessions, the calculation time was down to just 23 minutes, which is an 82% improvement.

 LS Central 21 test lab A (Performance test result, LS Retail test lab)

Pharmacy: LS Central for pharmacy now available for LS Central 21.0

We are proud to announce the first release of LS Central for pharmacy in AL code.  This is a separate app extending LS Central version 21.0. From now on, the pharmacy version of LS Central will follow the same release patterns as LS Central, meaning it will automatically update to the newest version of the software.

Restaurants: automatically apply discounts at self-service kiosks

We continue to improve on our self-service kiosk for food ordering. You can now scan a member card at any time while making your order and all relevant member discounts will be applied automatically to the transaction as would happen at a stationary POS. This includes loyalty cards or staff member cards.

Enhancements to LS Activity

Reservation software LS Activity is a core part of our offering for hospitality businesses. We are constantly strengthening and extending its capabilities.

Creating more visibility in the activity matrix

The activity matrix provides you with a clear overview of available resources and slots during a given time period. In the matrix page, you can now add icons to appointments to highlight specific information for your employees. For example, you can highlight number of people, payment status, origin of the booking (Web, POS, back office) and if the appointment has comments.

Better visibility for front desk hosts

We have added a new view for the front desk host that gives them clear visibility of all reservations and activities happening over the day, enabling them to easily access all daily bookings.

LS Central for hotels

We continue to expand the functionality of our unified commerce software solution for hotels and resorts LS Central for hotels.

New role center for housekeeping management

We have added a new role center for housekeeping managers and staff. The role center includes a chart of housekeeping status for the rooms, as well as tiles showing status of rooms, check-outs, and check-ins, for the day.

LS Central 21 B

Easier invoice management for pre-paid reservations

You can now automatically settle the bill for a hotel guest without the customer being present if the pre-paid deposit is equal to the reservation balance.

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