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LS Retail | 25 February 2021

LS Central 17.3: faster POS login, easier recall of items on the KDS, enhancements to LS Activity

LS Central 17.3: faster POS login, easier recall of items on the KDS, enhancements to LS Activity

LS Central version 17.3 was released on February 18, 2021. Here’s an overview of what we have added and improved in the system.

Fashion: load only a subset of variant suggestions

When you are creating new variants based on system suggestions, you now have the option to disable the automatic suggestion of all variant combinations. Instead, you can set specific filters (for example, a specific color or style for your clothing products), and let the system load only that subset of combinations.

As a result, you’ll only be presented with variant suggestions related to what you’re interested in. This also speeds up loading time of the suggestions since the system now has fewer combinations to calculate.

More options to authenticate users at the LS Central POS

We have added a general authentication device to the LS Central Hardware Station. The system now supports use of devices such as Dallas Keys, keylocks, or fingerprint scanners to log on and off the LS Central POS.

This means you can now use your preferred device to simplify your staff’s login to the LS Central POS.

Restaurants: recall items and chits easily on the KDS

Until now, you could only recall items or chits at the KDS starting with the last one that had been bumped, and moving backwards. This means that, if you had to look for a ticket that had been bumped twenty minutes earlier, you could end up cluttering the screens with all the items or chits that had been bumped in the meanwhile.

We have solved this problem by adding a new operation. “Recall From List” opens a list of bumped items or chits from which you can then select which ones to recall. It’s simpler, quicker, and you won’t fill up the KDS screens with needless information.

LS Activity: more options to manage activity products

Limit activities to specific times or users

You can now set restrictions on activity products, for example making them only available on certain dates/times, or for specific club members or access profiles. Use this functionality to segment your offering, and better control who can use your activities. For example, you may decide that only Gold Club Members can order a spa treatment on weekends between 16:00-20:00.

Better overview of package allowances

In LS Central 17.2, we introduced the ability to manage allowances for activity reservations at the POS. You can now also view at the POS what allowances are included in a package, which of these have been consumed, and which ones are still unused.

For instance, say you have a customer with a spa package that includes access to the spa and a free drink (allowance), which can be chosen from a variety of beverages. Once the customer orders their drink (uses their allowance), the staff will select the exact item (for example, a Mimosa) at the POS. If the customer then orders a second drink, the staff will be able to see clearly that there’s no allowance left in the package, and that the drink must be either charged to the reservation, or paid.

Enhancements to LS Central for hotels

Our PMS solution is becoming increasingly sophisticated. At the POS, your employees can read the details in the hotel reservation to see what items and activities are included in the rate, and to check the status of activities for the hotel guests.

We have also improved the scaling of the hotel reservation on the POS, increasing its usability on even smaller devices.

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