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LS Retail | 13 July 2020

LS Central 16.2: improved Store Capacity Management, redesigned Replenishment Journals

LS Central 16.2: improved Store Capacity Management, redesigned Replenishment Journals

LS Central version 16.2 was released on July 9, 2020. Here’s a summary of what we have introduced in this latest version.

Enhancements to Store Capacity Management

The Store Capacity Management tool provides you with an overview of your current stock situation and the capacity consumption of your items. With this tool you can manage the space consumption of sections and shelves in your stores according to item categories, product groups, or even for a specific season. In this version, we are taking Store Capacity management to the next level:

Improved flexibility and usability

You can now use the Store Capacity Template to group relevant Store Capacity lines together. This enables you to segregate the Store Capacity lines into smaller and more manageable groups. You can also use the template to set up your preferences. In the assigned Store Capacity lines, you are free to choose whether you want to only see the capacity consumption of the items physically present in the store, or if you’d rather also include the inventory movement from the order documents.

You can also define a capacity limit warning threshold on the Store Capacity lines: when a capacity value is too high or too low within a store, the value will be shown in a different color. As a result, you can easily spot the stores with undesirable capacity consumption and take action.

Replenish your stores based on store capacity consumption

You can now link your Store Capacity lines to the Redistribution Replenishment Journal. This means you can use the journal to easily assign stock transfer from the warehouse, and subsequently create Transfer Orders to replenish the stores. In the journal you will see how many more items you can transfer to the store before it reaches its capacity limit. This helps you to transfer just the right amount of stocks to the store without going above its capacity limit. As a result, you can be confident that your items are at the right size to meet the current and future business requirements in a cost-effective manner.

Introducing a fresh new look for the Replenishment Journals

We are bringing a fresh new look to the Purchase, Transfer, and Redistribution Replenishment Journals. You will notice that we have moved the Information FastTab, previously at the bottom of the page, to a Factbox. This cleaner design enables you to work with more rows of Replenishment Journal Lines without having to scroll down the list frequently.

We have also redesigned the General FastTab: its fields are now arranged in tabular layout, which makes the information more presentable and readable.


For further information, please check out the Release Notes

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