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LS Retail | 20 February 2019

LS Central 13.03: safer transactions, extended search on mobile

LS Central 13.03: safer transactions, extended search on mobile

LS Central 13.03 was released. This is the latest version of the product which, until version 13.02, was known as LS Nav on Business Central. LS Central was first introduced to the LS Retail community in January 2019. Let’s take a look at what is new in this version.

Safer transactions with extended EFT functionality

For the LS Central POS

In this release, we have enhanced functionality of the EFT implementation in the LS Central POS (online POS). Users can now add tips and cashback to EFT payments. We have also increased the amount of information the system stores from EFT transactions to the LS Central log; this includes, for example, the EFT slip information.

For the mobile POS

A new EFT plugin, AltaPay PAX A920, has been added to list of available EFT plugins at the mobile POS.

Better search in the Mobile Inventory app

We have improved the search feature in the mobile inventory. Now, when a search delivers a large number of results, these are shown in bulk. The system will also automatically fetch more result lines when needed. These improvements will lead to quicker, smoother product searches for your staff, and will be especially beneficial to retailers holding a large amount of inventory.   If you want to know how the LS Retail software solutions can help you tackle today’s retail demands, or if you’d like to discover what is on the LS Central roadmap, join us at our conference and expo conneXion in Munich, Germany, on April 3-4, 2019. You will be able to attend product-focused sessions, dive into the technical side in hands-on workshops, learn the latest trends in retail, discover innovative technology, and ask all your questions in person to the LS Retail experts. Register now!
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