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LS Retail | 14 January 2015

Kfzteile24 selected LS Retail Software Solutions

Kfzteile24 selected LS Retail Software Solutions

Kfzteile24 GmbH is a very dynamic and fast-growing multi-channel retailer, which sells a wide assortment of car components to consumers and professional vehicle repair shops. They currently have an online shop and three physical stores located around Berlin. It also employs over 460 people. Kfzteile24 was looking for a scalable and easily adaptable retail software in order to manage their various sale channels through a single and fully-integrated system. Previously, Kfzteile24 used a “home-made” solution. However, now that the company has grown in size and complexity, it required a more mature and comprehensive software system. Their goal is to adopt an omni-channel approach to connect repair shops, online shopping, smartphone applications and telesales in one platform.

Why LS Retail?
Kfzteile24 chose the LS Nav platform, mainly due to:
  • LS Retail's expert knowledge and experience with multi-channel solutions
  • LS Nav's high scalability, adaptability and reliability, which make it the optimal choice for smaller and larger companies.

LS Retail’s German partner Kumavision is going to suport Kfzteile24 and provide hands-on assistance during the implementation phase.


Written by Paul Tschense based on (in German):

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