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LS Retail | 17 December 2019

New integration available between LS Central and Shopify Plus

New integration available between LS Central and Shopify Plus

Thanks to a new integration developed by our partner company VL OMNI, retailers worldwide can now easily connect their LS Central retail system with enterprise e-commerce platform Shopify Plus.

The connector ensures that information such as inventory, prices, product details, orders, customer and loyalty data is always kept consistent and up-to-date across the channels. Thanks to this integration, businesses can run their physical and online stores in a unified way, maintaining a real-time, comprehensive view of their enterprise.

Shopify Plus, an eCommerce platform for enterprises

Shopify Plus is the enterprise platform by eCommerce leader Shopify. Shopify Plus is designed for high-growth, high-volume merchants who operate in multiple geographies. The platform boasts a throughput of over 10,000 transactions per minute, and includes tools to manage a large multinational brand in a consistent way.

LS Central, powering retail and hospitality businesses worldwide

LS Central is our unified commerce platform for retail and hospitality businesses, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. LS Central enables businesses to handle back office tasks, financials, inventory, product management, retail sales, and front office tasks within the same end-to-end system. LS Central is already the solution of choice for over 5,000 businesses across the globe.

Available at great request

“Shopify is becoming the platform of choice of a growing number of retailers, including many LS Retail users,” says Petur Sigurdsson, Product Director LS eCommerce at LS Retail. “We have come across massive demand for this kind of connector, which is why we embraced the idea of working with VL OMNI, who are integration experts. By connecting LS Central to Shopify we are extending our unified commerce vision to one of the leading eCommerce platforms available.”

The integration was developed entirely by VL OMNI, a multi-channel data integration service specialized in data automation and eCommerce integration.

“Both LS Central and Shopify Plus are trusted by thousands of major retail brands, and are known for their reliability and functionality,” says Robin H. Smith, CEO at VL OMNI. “Merchants using both LS Retail technology and Shopify Plus can now achieve even better visibility and speed of action by integrating the platforms with VL OMNI’s fully elastic and scalable connector. This enables them to move data in real time from a single point to one or many target applications, apply business rules directly to data as it moves, and more – all in the cloud, and built on cutting-edge data automation technology,” concludes Mr. Smith.

The connector is available worldwide and is kept up to date by VL OMNI. For more information, contact VL OMNI.


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