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LS Retail | 15 October 2014

Inspired and Reaffirmed by Directions EMEA

Inspired and Reaffirmed by Directions EMEA
Directions EMEA 2014 was held in Poznań, Poland, October 8-10, 2014. Our team participated to this event and came back full of enthusiasm and ideas. Here some of their comments.

The bus is leaving with or without you…

….and it is heading into the future on the road to repeatability and simplification. By attending Directions EMEA I bought a ticket with this bus so I'm definitely heading the same way and I will take you with me. Maybe there will be another bus later on with room for dinosaurs or maybe not; I don't care because we will not be waiting. Directions EMEA has given me a big inspiration, positivism and confidence that our work in LS Nav is in line with what Microsoft is doing. We just need to keep up the good work, adapt, learn and be the best! Written by Gudrun Olafsdottir, Product Manager LS Nav

Stay on our toes

We at LS Retail need to continuously align with the focus and emphasis of our business and of our Key Partner Microsoft.  We have to stay on our toes and strive to function as leaders and role models to our reselling partners. Directions EMEA is certainly the venue to do this. The keynotes and different breakout sessions give good insight into where the business is heading, where we need to head.  It is very important that LS Retail is well visible, and to stay in good touch with our partners.  At Directions EMEA I could feel that, not only, are we a part of a community that works together towards growth and increased strength, but also, that LS Retail is really on the top of people's minds when it comes to role-model partners of Microsoft...  We are among the leaders of the tribe. Written by Sigrun Dora Saevinsdottir, Chief Partner Operations Officer

More functionality delivered in less time

More functionality delivered in less time, and all on order of making NAV the best ERP solution available. Definitely one of the best venue for NAV and can't wait to see what they'll deliver over the next year. Written by David Bjornsson, Consulting Manager Europe

Discombobulated or not?

Somehow, this word is sticking with me, as that is the last thing I heard at our last meeting during Directions, and it means confused. But that does not mean that I am at all confused after Directions EMEA, in fact, just the opposite. Nothing was really eye opening, but I got a re-enforcement of what we are doing and where we are heading, that we are on the right path, and that we really have to focus on doing things Easy – Simple – Fast, and putting ourselves in the shoes of our audience, our partners and customers. E.g. if they come to our Website, do they understand what we are doing, are we making their life simple? And with everything we do marketing wise, we need to think what will Trigger Retailers and Hospitality organizations to buy our solutions. It was very important to meet our partners and Microsoft and other ISV's, to network, tell them what we are doing, and get them to come to our conferences as well, have the odd drink or two with them, and shake it out on the dance floor with them. Written by Eloise Freygang, Chief Marketing Officer

One of the most informative events I've attended

Directions EMEA 2014 is probably one of the best Dynamics event I've attended. With over 1.100 attendees, the crowd was simply bustling with energy after seeing the keynotes and noticing where Microsoft is taking the product. Microsoft seems to have a very clear view of where they are going and it was very interesting to see how big of a role NAV will play in the company's overall strategy. These are indeed exiting times to be working with Dynamics & NAV. Written by Dadi Karason, Chief Technical Officer

2015 Rocks

NAV had become a bit old fashioned and I wasn't sure what Microsoft's intentions with it were. I was starting to think we were all heading towards AX but during Directions EMEA, Microsoft showed me they intend to take NAV to the next level. There is so much new stuff on in 2015! I'm more excited about our future in NAV than I've been for years. Written by Stefan Jonsson, Consulting

The comeback of NAV

Direction EMEA 2014 was probably the best NAV conference I've ever attended. A really focused event as usual but now with the new NAV 2015 it was the comeback of NAV. Building on the technical changes made in the 2013 version, the development team has clearly put the effort in easier, simpler and faster as we would say. In addition the new possibilities to utilize apps is opening a whole new world also for LS Nav giving a very exciting and easy way to arm the store manager with all his processes accessible on any tablet he chooses. And beyond the software, all the partner community seem empowered by what they were seeing and looking at a bright future with MS and NAV – both on premise and in the cloud. Written by Hogni Hallgrimsson, Director of Consulting
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