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LS Retail | 16 January 2024

Global availability of LS Retail software for pharmacies

Global availability of LS Retail software for pharmacies

LS Retail announced today the global availability of LS Central for pharmacies. The announcement took place at NRF Retail’s Big Show in New York, the largest retail expo and conference in the world. The 2024 event brought together more than 6,200 retail businesses from around the world.  

 Ten pharmacy chains have selected the solution from LS Retail, an Aptos Company with total of around three thousand stores. These include some of the best-known international pharmacy brands among them, and some of the largest pharmacy chains in Scandinavia.  

LS Central for pharmacies is an extensive software solution that enables pharmacies to effectively manage, sell, and replenish pharmaceuticals and retail items, in the physical store chain and online. The system uses Microsoft technology and extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, an ERP used by more than 100 thousand customers globally. LS Central for pharmacies is a certified software in selected countries. The availability goes for the so called W1 international version of the software which includes the key dispensing and retail functionality and is not localized to a specific country.    

“We are excited to make our dispensing software available to the global pharmacy and retail industries,” says Kristjan Johannsson, General Manager of LS Retail. “LS Central for pharmacies has become a known solution in Scandinavia, where we service a large part of the market. We have recently added a well-known international brand to our customer list, which testifies to the value LS Central brings to businesses. Here at the NRF we are experiencing a lot of interest for our solution from countries spanning from Australia to Honduras, from Ireland to Canada. I look forward to many years of bringing joint successes with pharmacy chains all over the world.”  

Customers use LS Central for pharmacies in its entirety or selecting some of its functionality, which includes such as dispensing management, replenishment, customer loyalty, omni-channel sales, and retail and point of sale functionality.  

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