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LS Retail | 02 July 2019

First pure cloud version of LS Central has been released

First pure cloud version of LS Central has been released

We have released the first completely in-cloud version of LS Central, our unified commerce platform for retail and hospitality business.

This version runs in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud, and is available to users in the popular Software as Service (SaaS) model. This marks the first time LS Central becomes available as a full cloud solution, where head office, back office, as well as all Point of Sale terminals run online. As the system is hosted in the Dynamics 365 cloud, users don’t need to be concerned with security issues, updates, maintenance or management, as all these are taken care of by Microsoft. The in-cloud model also enables businesses to take advantage of all the services that are available in the Dynamics 365 intelligent cloud.

The system is currently available for retailers and LS Retail partners in Denmark, Germany, and the United States.

Towards the hybrid model

“This is an important milestone in our cloud strategy,” says Matthias Matthiasson, Product Director LS Central. “The next step will be to make the cloud version available in more geographies. At the same time, we are also working on extending our cloud offering with hybrid options, which will give retailers the ability to leverage the power of the cloud, while enjoying the resilience and stability of traditional offline Points of Sale.”

The hybrid model enables retailers to run their management system using a combination of on-premises and in-cloud, as best fits their goals and requirements. Hybrid deployments are increasingly popular, as they give users the benefits of running in the cloud, while also guaranteeing high in-store up-time.

Learn more about the cloud strategy for LS Central. Want to know more? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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