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LS Retail | 20 November 2023

The Apple Store’s secret of success (and what retailers can learn from it)

The Apple Store’s secret of success (and what retailers can learn from it)

The Apple Store draws in over 1 million daily visitors globally; some enthusiasts even camp out for days before a new store's opening or a product release. It currently reigns as the most profitable US store, outpacing renowned luxury brand Tiffany & Co. What sets the Apple Store apart extends beyond its uncluttered design and limited product selection; it's primarily the emphasis on customer experience that keeps people coming back. By entirely focusing on customers’ desires and needs, Apple revolutionized store dynamics, establishing an innovative retail model that resonates worldwide.

Here is how you can incorporate this successful approach into your business:

1. Prioritize customer experience

Apple Stores redefine sales by focusing on enriching lives, not just making transactions. Sales staff prioritize customer needs without pushy sales tactics or commission incentives. Align your brand's vision to serve your customers effectively. When the focus shifts from mere selling to enhancing customer experiences, it encourages repeat visits.

2. Encourage hands-on product interaction 

Apple Stores invite customers to physically engage with products, fostering a playful environment where touch becomes an integral part of the experience. Scientifically, touch establishes a connection, influencing purchasing decisions. Are you allowing customers to interact with your products, or does a hands-off approach hinder potential sales?

3. Tailor products to customer needs

Apple's staff focuses on understanding individual customer needs before suggesting products. Similarly, emphasize understanding your customers' preferences. Offer personalized recommendations, highlighting how your products or services cater to their specific requirements.

4. Efficient checkout processes

Eliminating tedious waits, Apple Store staff employs mobile POS systems to swiftly complete transactions, even enabling self-checkout via the store's app. Simplify your buying process to encourage customer retention by minimizing wait times and streamlining purchases.

5. Recruit and train passionate employees

Finding and training passionate employees is crucial. Apple invests in a rigorous hiring process, ensuring staff aligns with the brand ethos. Continual training keeps employees knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Look for individuals passionate about your brand and products, committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences.

6. Establish clear customer service standards

Implement a concise set of service guidelines akin to Apple's "A.P.P.L.E." approach, ensuring personalized and consistent customer interactions. Simplify training by creating straightforward steps that ensure every customer receives exceptional attention and service.

7. Value small gestures

Greeting customers warmly upon arrival and departure, regardless of purchase, sets a positive tone for their experience. Small gestures can significantly impact customers' perceptions and build lasting brand loyalty. Focus on making every interaction memorable and pleasant, especially in the initial and final moments.


In an era where online retail challenges brick-and-mortar stores, exceptional customer service stands as a unique selling proposition. Any retailer can open a store, but creating lasting impressions and loyal customers is a mark of distinction. Embrace these strategies to secure your place as a destination for unparalleled customer experiences.

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