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Located in the famous, picturesque mountains of Zermat in Switzerland, Zermatters works to offer their customers a variety of outdoor experiences in one, unforgettable place. Zermatters came to be with the merger of the Mountain Guide Association and the Ski School Association. They offer customers a variety of courses and activities such as mountain climbing, biking, skiing, paragliding, snowboarding and more.

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The business case:

Each year, more than 20,000 people participate in a Zermatters course, run by 400 guides and instructors. Zermatters connects 400 guides and instructors with more than 20,000 course participants per year. The company needed technology to connect the guides to the course participants. The ideal system would help them smoothly manage and process all of their bookings, ensuring convenient processes from the moment when customers reserve their booking, to contact with the instructor or guide, all the way to payment. Zermatters decided that what they required was a unified solution with strong booking and reservation functionality.

The solution:

Zermatters decided that LS Central, with its reservation management add-on LS Activity, was the right fit for their company. Zermatters cited their decision was made based on 4 factors:

  • Experience
  • Flexibility
  • Speed
  • Value for quality

The new system would enable the company to automate their workflows and processes, which meant simpler data management. The wide functionality that is part of the standard LS Central was completely in line with the business model the company desired.

LS Central extends the ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The option to run LS Central in the Microsoft Azure cloud was “a relief” to Zermatters. A cloud software ensures high availability and security, while also supporting Zermatters’ ambitious requirements for scalability.


With their new solution, Zermatters enjoys:

  • A seamless flow of course bookings from the POS into the ERP system
  • Reliable, organized data processing all the way from invoicing, to collection, to course allocation
  • Easy coordination of courses with a user-friendly QR code feature which matches participants with instructors and guides
  • Effortless administration of salaries with automated fee and wage statements.

The team at Zermatters is pleased with the project so far, and they look forward to continuing implementing technology that empowers them to offer their guests memorable experiences.




With everything automatically flowing into the accounts in the background, LS Central, with its reservation management add-on Bookings for LS Central, makes our work much easier.

Beat Wälti, Zermatters CEO, CEO

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