Wasabi Sushi & Bento

With over 40 flourishing branches in the UK, Wasabi is a fast-growing sushi restaurant chain. Although most of the restaurants are located around London, Wasabi has been expanding to other locations in the UK. The chain has also recently opened a US restaurant, in Times Square, the heart of New York City. Wasabi prides itself on the quality of its ingredients. The restaurants do not use frozen fish: fresh fish is flown in daily from Scotland. Before implementing LS Nav Hospitality, the chain had practically no IT functionality. We spoke to Rob Walsh, IT Director at Wasabi, who told us how LS Retail and K3 Retail helped Wasabi change from a business driven by intuition and experience to a business driven by information and data. Wasabi decided to implement LS Nav Hospitality with the help of LS Retail partner K3, located in the UK. Wasabi requested to see a number of scenario-based setups, and was impressed by the great features and flexibility that LS Nav displayed in the different scenarios. In particular, Wasabi was happy to see a hospitality-focused solution that could easily sell products which do not have a barcode.
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Easy implementation, great benefits

The implementation of the solution went smoothly. As LS Nav Hospitality is a very extensive solution, Rob Walsh advises businesses interested in adopting it to take all the time necessary to learn about the product and its many functionalities before going through with the implementation. Wasabi now has accurate POS data, and can check sales down to specific items. It is easier for the company to do promotions. They have improved their marketing and increased the level of customer satisfaction.

Great help from LS Retail and K3

Wasabi is especially satisfied with their working relationship with K3 and LS Retail. Any time the company feels some feature is missing, K3 and LS Retail quickly come up with practical solutions. Wasabi’s first store went live in April 2015; two months later, some of the changes Wasabi required were already in the LS Retail pipeline. By August, the changes had already been included in LS Nav as new standard features . Wasabi is looking forward to a long, fruitful working relationship with K3 and LS Retail.

With LS Nav we now have a solution that can work with different types of stores and different part of the organization, which is also highly scalable and very flexible. We are very happy with our choice.

—   Rob Walsh