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Vah Magna

Enhancing customer satisfaction and catering to various business formats with one single LS Retail solution

LS Retail and Microsoft Dynamics provide Vah Magna with a single integrated solution for a complete overview of the business, helping management meet challenges ranging from single format to IT training to providing seamless information across HO and all stores.

The client

Vah Magna is Andhra Pradesh’s largest and fastest growing retail chain with a presence across multiple formats including Super Center, Cash & Carry, Hypermarkets, Supermarkets and Convenience Stores. The Company also has a significant presence in the hospitality segment. Since it was established three years ago, Vah Magna has set on an impressive pace of growth and diversification in the retail sector in Andhra Pradesh. Today, Vah Magna, with over half a million square feet of retail space, reaches out to more than a million customers every month through its 70 Superstores located across Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. In February ’08, Vah Magna launched the first Indian Cash & Carry at Hyderabad which leverages a consolidated distribution model aimed at bulk shoppers across the retail, institutional and consumer segments and has received a very encouraging response from the market. The company has recently launched Vah Magna Super-center, which offers shoppers at Hyderabad a wold-class shopping experience. The 1,000,000 sq. ft. Super-center is spread across 4-levels for shopping and food with an additional 2-levels for ample parking. The restaurant chains, Taste Buds, the multi-cuisine restaurant, Grub Hub, the popular food court and Bohemia, the upscale continental restaurant have become favorite destinations for discerning food lovers. Vah Magna’s portfolio spans Grocery, FMCG, Apparel for all ages, Consumer Durables, Kitchen Appliances, Jewelry, Furniture, Bakery Products, Restaurants, Food Courts and Pharmacy. Across all its formats, Vah Magna leverages two decades of extensive retail experience of its promoters in inventory management, merchandising, store design and customer care to offer unparalleled value to its customers.

Why the LS Retail journey

Vah Magna undertook the LS Retail journey with a vision to grow and ensure high customer service levels and experience without increasing the costs. Vah Magna was looking forward to a complete solution offering which was scalable, flexible, and reliable and at the same time easy on maintenance. With the growing number of stores in a short period of time Vah Magna found it extremely challenging to manage stores individually without the support of an ERP solution. This prompted Vah Magna to implement a solution that has been put into practice and is operational internationally. The solution should be capable of handling more locations with minimum investment. The immediate requirement was to integrate the POS billing with the backend ERP.

Results in brief

Vah Magna has successfully implemented the LS Retail solution in 4 stores with 5+ POS machines, 1 store with 13 POS machines and 3 warehouses. LS Retail and Microsoft Dynamics provide a single integrated system for a wholesome overview of the business. The statutory and localization requirements are taken care of, so reporting is quick, online and reliable.

The challenge

  • One single system: Catering to various business formats at Vah Magna.
  • Training: Users across all the processes.
  • Complete retail solution: Through one system for businesses, in which the data is stored in one place and is easy to access by the managers.
  • Fast Checkout: Only two or three strokes per sale.
  • Flexibility: To meet the dynamic business needs.
  • Availability of information: Seamlessly across HO and all stores.

Approach and unique features

Functional Challenges with the product features:

  • Multiple MRP and Offers for each MRP – With this solution in place, Vah Magna can record multiple MRPs for items at the time of GRN and these MRPs are displayed at the time of sales at POS. If there is a promotion or running offer mapped in the system, the same will be triggered on the selected MRP and not on the sales price.
  • Item Tracking – Vah Magna is into multiple retail formats ranging from pharmacy to grocery – the solution caters to all of these retail formats. Serial and LOT numbers from any purchase order posted through In-Store or Warehouse are replicated for posting to HO.
  • Physical Stock Take – The physical stock take module allows Vah Magna to conduct an online stock take by just scanning barcodes. This stock taking process is conducted at the Store or Warehouse with the same getting replicated back to HO.
  • Bulk Reversal – After the posting of child items and converting them into a parent item, Vah Magna has a business process of reversing these entries. To facilitate this, Bulk Reversal functionality was added which enables Vah Magna to reverse the ledger entries for both child and parent items.
  • Purchase Price Location Wise – Vah Magna retail outlets are spread across multiple locations in various States in the Country. The price of an item varies from location to location. With this solution in place users can track purchases with multiple prices based on each receiving location.