Tia Fashion sells ready-made ethnic wear of high quality, using traditional Indian craftsmanship, intricate embroidery and Arabic rich textures.

The company aims to offer the best and latest in South Asian and Arabic fashion for men and women. The first store opened in 2004 in Dubai, UAE, to enthusiastic response; two more stores were subsequently opened across the UAE, in Dubai and Sharjah.

Business case

Prior to moving to LS Retail software solution, Tia Fashion was using a legacy system. As the system was not integrated, the staff had to manually enter data, which was very time-consuming and led to mistakes. Payables and Purchase Orders were maintained in two separate systems, resulting in difficulties when handling incoming inventories and supplier outstanding payments. Management of inventory and finance was also complex and ineffective. The POS system at Tia Fashion was inadequate, too. The POS lacked basic CRM features. As the system could not support offers and promotions, the staff at Tia Fashion had a hard time running promotions and analyzing their effectiveness. The POS system also couldn’t maintain details of costs, making it difficult for Tia Fashion to understand the profitability of each and every store. Since POS database and Head Office database were not in sync, it was difficult to take timely business decisions. An expert team of consultants assessed the entire processes of Tia Fashion and recommended LS Retail software solution as the system of choice.


LS Retail software solution offers a variety of tools for financial management, which have increased Tia Fashion’s ability to keep costs and revenue under control. As activities are synchronized end to end, from purchasing to selling, Tia Fashion now has a complete overview over item availability. With the help of LS Retail software, the staff of Tia Fashion can keep accurate and up-to-date information about stock levels, and are able to meet customer needs more efficiently. Thanks to LS Retail software solution, Tia Fashion has managed to optimize inventory levels on the basis of sales trends, stock-on-hand etc., in store as well as in the warehouse. Since implementing the new system, Tia Fashion has:

  • Modernized its operations
  • Improved profit margins
  • Built customer loyalty
  • Designed custom sales promotions
  • Achieved tighter control over finance
  • Optimized inventory management through a single integrated system
  • Reduced manual work
  • Streamlined operations