The Foundling Museum

The Foundling Museum


The Foundling Hospital was founded in London in the eighteenth century as a non-profit organization that took care of foundlings, deserted or abandoned child of unknown parentage. Created by Captain Thomas Coram, the hospital was generously funded by artist William Hogarth and composer George Frideric Handel, two men who set the template for how the arts can support philanthropy. Today, the Foundling Museum explores the history of the Foundling Hospital, which continues to this day as children’s charity Coram. Through a dynamic program of exhibitions and events, the Foundling Museum celebrates the ways in which artists of all disciplines have helped improve children’s lives for almost three centuries.

Bringing the Museum to the 21st century

When Finance Director Nigel Cudlipp joined the Foundling Museum in 2013, he realized that the systems and processes in use were outdated and underperforming. The staff needed to spend more time focusing on the museum’s visitors, and less time working on cumbersome systems. Nigel started looking into solutions that could save staff time by reducing manual processes.

LS One and Microsoft Dynamics NAV

As a registered charity, Foundling Museum needed a system capable of handling restricted funds accounting. After investigating available options, they selected LS One as their POS system with Microsoft Dynamics NAV as the ERP. Although the two solutions integrate seamlessly, the Foundling Museum experienced problems and a lack of support from their original IT partner. The company started seeking a new technology partner with knowledge and expertise in both solutions, and found what they were looking for in LS Retail local partner The NAV People. “The NAV People listened to our issues with the system, offered to fix the immediate problems we were having and said we could decide at a later date if we wanted to award them with a support contract,” says Nigel. “They carried out some work and completed a full solution assessment free of charge. We were incredibly impressed with their approach and it is a decision we have never regretted.”

A unified system, front to back

Today, the system runs harmoniously. LS One is used for the front-end retail transactions at the admissions desk and gift shop, and the POS seamlessly communicate with Dynamics NAV in the back-end. The combined solution has driven significant improvements across the organization. Before implementing LS One, the admissions desk and gift shop used a basic till that produced paper receipts and had to be tallied manually at the end of each day.  With the new system, time-consuming manual processes have been eliminated.

The new system has also reconnected front and back of operations. All activities, from admissions and ticketing, to memberships and renewals, to sales at the shops and cafés, are automatically processed and recorded in Dynamics NAV, giving management a unified view over the business. This improved efficiency allows the Foundling Museum to better understand which events and products are more popular, and determine the optimum levels of stock held.

Some of the business benefits the Museum has encountered include:

  • Improved productivity: The automation of manual processes has increased efficiency within the finance department. Now the Foundling Museum can manage the workload with a smaller team.
  • Business clarity: LS One and and Dynamics NAV have improved decision-making by producing a 360-degree view of the business. The Museum used to manually amend stock levels, a lengthy process which led to figures being always two weeks out of date. Real-time stock management and forecasting has enabled accurate and efficient inventory processing, reducing waste and ensuring that the right products are available at the right time.
  • Greater operational efficiency: Process improvement has enabled key personnel to focus on more complex and strategic undertakings across the museum, resulting in more profitable activities.

Every penny we have spent on system development has yielded an even greater return.

Nigel Cudlipp, Finance Director

Before implementing LS One, the admissions desk and gift shop used a basic till that produced paper receipts and had to be tallied manually at the end of each day.  With the new system, time-consuming manual processes have been eliminated.

Nigel Cudlipp,

LS Retail Partner

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