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Super1 is a supermarket chain running four stores across Iceland, three in the capital area and one convenience and gas store in the countryside. When Super1 opened, they decided that their top goal would be to offer their customers a pleasant, seamless shopping experience from day one.

Setting the business apart

Super1 entered an already crowded market when it opened. In order to distinguish itself from the competition, it needed to be clear on its price positioning, branding, and overall market position. Pup Cove, the tech consulting company Super1 relied on, understood exactly how to meet those needs. Pup Cove is an LS Retail partner, with strong experience in implementation of LS Retail products and solutions. They directed Super1 towards LS Central, the unified commerce retail platform developed by LS Retail on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

From concept to implementation in just 10 days

Super1 contacted Pup Cove just two weeks before it opened its first grocery store in Reykjavik. A short ten days before the first customer arrived, LS Central was selected as the software solution for the Super1 supermarkets. Thanks to LS Central’s ease of implementation and integration with all other systems, and Pup Cove’s dedication and understanding of the product, the implementation went off without a problem, and was completed in time.

Deep functionality and staff mobility

Super1 knew it wanted an LS Retail product from the start. The owner of the grocery store chain was convinced by the proven track record of LS Retail solutions in the retail industry. Not only: the LS Retail products are also known to be robust, and displaying the kind of functionality that customers actually need.Since opening the first store, Super1 has been able to test these claims, and the reports are positive: the company is more and more impressed by LS Central’s flexibility and ease of use. The company has decided to run LS Central on handhelds. Now employees can easily track stock, print price stickers, and even keep up with competitors’ pricing, wherever they are. They just need a mobile device, and they can log into the system and perform work on the go.

Simplified inventory management

The supermarket chain stocks over 4,000 individual products from hundreds of different supplier. Keeping track of each item and each supplier is essential for smooth business. LS Central allows Super1 to follow all products from order, to invoice, to stocking, to sales. As the company receives invoices electronically, via mail, or even in person upon delivery, having a system that simplifies financial management and unifies all data into one database saves the business a lot of time, and helps decrease the risk of human error.

Keeping up with key data

LS Central has delivered more than expected, according to the owner of Super1. The parts of the business that were not immediately covered by the standard solution were taken care of with some simple adjustments. For example, Pup Cove ensured that each employee could quickly see exactly the data and reports they need for their job. As a result, all stakeholders in Super1 can now track all necessary stats – basket size, transactions, sales, items sold per transaction, and more – depending on their role and requirements.The ability to track competitors’ pricing, and to produce ad hoc reports from that data, has allowed Super1 to respond quickly to competitor pricing, meaning more satisfied customers.

A bright future

The cooperation between Super1, Pup Cove and LS Retail has just begun. As Super1 adds more store locations and products, they are confident that LS Central will support them on their journey, and grow along with them.