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Super Save Corporation

Super Save Corporation Co., Ltd. runs over 30 supermarkets and convenience stores in Bangkok, Thailand. The company offers everyday low-price consumer goods in convenient locations across the city.

A solution that supports their business operations

Super Save plans to expand its supermarket chain regionally, focusing on offering more and more consumers everyday affordable products. In order for the company to have a strong presence in the supermarket retail industry, Super Save decided to implement an end-to-end system that would enhance and support all their business operations. After researching and comparing different software solutions, the company decided to implement LS Nav, based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. LS Nav offers a host of retail-specific functionalities that can cover Super Save’s operations front to back, from store inventory to procurement to sales. The system was deployed with the help of LS Retail’s partner Bhatara Progress.

A rapid implementation

Today, Super Save uses LS Nav across its business, to manage retail back office, promotions, coupons, and to offer customers great service. Within three months from go live, Super Save managed to implement LS Nav across over 20 of its branches, in a quick succession.

Immediate results

Thanks to LS Nav, today the company can manage its business from front to back in just one platform. What is more, now the supermarket chain can use the system’s tools to order the right products that satisfy their customers’ needs. This knowledge has improved Super Save’s centralized procurement and replenishment of stock in each branch. The brand’s marketing has also become more effective: thanks to improved management of promotions, loyalty members and coupons, Super Save has managed to increase brand standing and recognition in Thailand. The new system also supports Super Save’s expansion plans: thanks to LS Nav’s user-friendly UI, it’s easy for the supermarket chain to set up new stores quickly.