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Shoes Palace Trading LLC

The Shobra offers a wide range of international brands in many different styles, from formal to high-end to athletic, for men, women and children. Aside from footwear, the stores also stock accessories including handbags, wallets, perfumes and cosmetics, jewelry, luggage and a selection of shoe care products. The company has built a strong reputation for its product quality and customer support. Over the years, the Shobra has become a leader in the retail industry, with operations across the United Arab Emirates, and an imminent expansion in other GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries.

Business case

The company, that was at the time running a legacy software, realized that they needed a better management system for its operations. The Shobra needed to improve its merchandise planning, ability to execute and accounting, down to store level. In the search for the right management system, the company presented a clear set of requirements:

  • A state-of-the-art, reliable and diversified retail solution
  • Integrated to the ERP
  • Guaranteeing easy migration from the legacy system
  • Quick implementation schedule
  • Implementation and user training would need to occur with minimum risk of failure and without disturbing the running operations.

The solution

We wanted an ERP and retail solution with latest technology to enhance our customer offering and satisfaction including loyalty, so that we could retain and grow our customer base,” said Mr. Pouria Khushnoo, General Manager at Shoes Palace Trading LLC. After looking at different systems, the company realized that LS Retail software solution was the right solution for their needs. 

The implementation of LS Retail software solution took place in two phases. First, all required features were installed, tested and evaluated. At the same time business critical functions like finance, procurement, inventory, loyalty, store operations etc. were tested at the back-end in Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Once the project management team at the Shobra certified the testing as successful, phase two started, and the solution was rolled out to all the seven stores of the chain. Since the roll-out of LS Retail software solution in the stores and back office, Shoes Palace Trading LLC has managed to significantly increase their performance and productivity. The company is confident that the new system will support the chain’s growth in the future.