Faster service and higher margins with LS One

Roadhouse is American-style burger and ribs restaurant located in Reykjavik, Iceland. Roadhouse prides itself on its high-quality food, made with fresh ingredients. All dishes are created from scratch on the premises by the restaurant owners, three trained chefs. As the business expanded, Roadhouse realized that their system could not support the increased number of clients. On busy nights waiters would have to queue at the registers, waiting to send their orders to the kitchen; as a consequence, dishes were slow to come out, creating long waits for customers. Roadhouse started looking for a versatile POS solution which could handle their changing needs. Handheld POS were a key requirement: Roadhouse wanted their staff to be able to take orders while on the restaurant floor, and send them straight to the kitchen. After shopping around, Roadhouse decided that LS One had all the features they needed to run their business – and more.

Lower costs and more sales = larger bottom line

LS One has transformed the operations at Roadhouse, making them simpler and smoother. The introduction of mobile POS has brought about the most radical changes, and the service is now faster and more precise. The intuitive reports available in LS One have given Roadhouse a clear overview over their business, so that they are now able to use real, up-to-date information to accurately plan their business future. Some of the benefits they have noticed include:

  • Faster staff training: LS One is simple to use and fast to learn, making new staff training speedier;
  • Shorter waiting times for customers thanks to the handheld POS;
  • Because of the mobile POS, fewer members of staff are needed on the restaurant floor to take orders;
  • Increase in the bottom line, as less staff is needed and more orders are fulfilled;
  • Ability to check real-time sales and turnover;
  • More rational menu and staffing organization, thanks to the insights provided by LS One’s stats;
  • Streamlined inventory, with the help of the system’s reporting tools.

With LS One on its side, Roadhouse has grown into the business it wanted to be, improving its bottom line by cutting costs and increasing sales. As Sigurdur Karl Gudgeirsson, owner at Roadhouse put it, “Everything is just easier, simpler and faster with LS One”.