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Rimco is an import and export company operating in Ivory Coast. The company runs a retail chain of electronics stores, and is also an exclusive distributor of household appliances of the brand Haier. Today, Rimco’s primary objective is to make Haier the preferred brand of Ivorians, and to provide consumers with products of exceptional quality/price ratio.

Need to centralize business decisions

The Rimco group has been going through a period of growth. In order to support its expansion, the company decided to implement innovative technology, which would support Rimco’s intent of centralizing strategic business decisions. The company also wanted to be able to offer its customers new services, and to be able to adapt its strategy to changing situations and competition. To do all this, the company realized they needed to implement a powerful, end-to-end management system.

The right system

Rimco found the technology they were looking for in LS Nav. The system is totally integrated to a powerful ERP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which is world-famous and can be easily adapted to different demands and changing times. On top of its front-to-back coverage, LS Nav also enables companies to offer great customer service through a host of loyalty tools and management of offers and promotions.

Overcoming bumps in the road

The implementation was smooth, although Rimco had some issues figuring out how to manage real time replication and prices distribution over standard WAN. In the end, the company established a very deep architecture in order to avoid the high cost of telecom connections in Ivory Coast.

Great benefits

Today, Rimco has a management system that covers the whole company front to back, and enables management to take decisions from head office. Prices, inventory and stores management have been centralized, giving Rimco better control over their whole enterprise. Management can now keep track of sales as they happen, and react quickly. LS Nav has helped the company provide more efficient services to their customers, optimize consolidation of store activities and increase revenue.