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Founded in 2000, today Pullin runs 15 stores worldwide, 12 of which are in France.
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Business case

The brand began to experience a quick growth. At the time, Pullin was using multiple software solutions to manage all the different aspects of the business. These systems didn’t communicate seamlessly with each other, causing problems to the company: tasks had to be repeated by separate employees, which caused a waste of their, and the company’s, time; there was a problem with duplicate data; management had no visibility over what was going on in the company. Some processes, including the whole purchasing and production, weren’t even managed with a software: employees handled them manually, with a multitude of Excel documents. Pullin realized that, to properly understand their business and to avoid duplicate data, they needed a single, fully integrated solution.

The solution

Pullin chose as its new system the LS Retail software solution on Microsoft Dynamics ERP. This is an internationally renowned system, used by retail businesses worldwide. Pullin also implemented a vertical industry add-on on top of the system, Pebblestone fashion. The solution was deployed with the help of Calliope, a certified LS Retail partner.


 Today, Pullin uses the system to manage its whole chain, including the purchasing and production processes. With the LS Retail software solution and Dynamics ERP, Pullin:

  • has automated inventory management and replenishment
  • can track sales in real time
  • has saved work hours, as the integrated system helps avoid repeated tasks
  • is on time with deliveries
  • has improved the overall monitoring of its international operations with accurate, real-time stats
  • can better satisfy its customers.

The company is happy with its new system, and very satisfied with Calliope’s project management and support during the transition.


LS Retail allows us to have a complete, packaged solution with really easy implementation: if we want, I am able to set up a new store in 24 hours.

Jean Francois Corre, IT Manager

LS Retail implementation partner


Calliope is a service company specializing in the development of vertical ERP and CRM solutions based upon the Microsoft Dynamics platform.

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