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LS Retail implementation project involved several different companies and brands – Amersport (later Orbico Style) and a health & beauty brand Orbico Beauty. Since 2020 both companies have been merged into Orbico sp. z.o.o.   

Business case 

For many years, Orbico Beauty and Orbico Style have run their operations using Microsoft Dynamics ERP. However, they realized they needed an additional retail solution that could fully integrate with the ERP system and fill the gaps of retail management.  

The company decided to implement the new system at the international group level. They started looking for retail software that could: 

  • Provide all retail functionality needed to run all their brands 
  • Help them perform optimal sales management 
  • Be flexible and adjust to specific business processes 
  • Allow for integration with other tools 
  • Enable them to scale their business and add new outlets easily 

The solution 

Among all available options, only LS Retail software solution met all these criteria. On top of that, it is a proven software solution used by many customers worldwide. 

The company worked with tech firm IT.integro, an LS Retail certified partner with extensive knowledge of retail and LS Retail solutions on the local market. The project was spread over 11 months. During this time, the parties managed to overcome any challenge that arose thanks to close cooperation.  

The implementation project involved several companies and brands in Poland simultaneously. Considering the international scope of Orbico's business activity and its presence in 20 European countries, the teams set a certain standard of POS configuration to ensure that the rollout to other locations could be carried out smoothly and seamlessly when needed. 

LS Retail software solution was implemented in a total of 20 stores in Poland including Converse stores, multi-brand stores, and a Chanel store in Warsaw. The company also implemented the system in a Converse store in Prague, Czech Republic, which required the implementation of different functionality, as Czech legislative provisions are very different from Polish ones. 

The primary goal of the project was to facilitate daily work of store staff. LS Retail software supports employees with various functionality, from the easy to use POS, to the day closing procedures, to the ability to manage stock tasks in stores, such as receiving goods for stock, shipping products and conducting physical inventory.  

To help make the process run as smoothly as possible, employees received training on how to carry out daily processes such as sales, customer service, order processing, receiving goods in stock and inventory management. “Despite the system change, our staff was able to complete their tasks very easily using the intuitive software” says Eddy Malky, Managing Director at Orbico Style. 


Since implementing LS Retail software, the company has managed to set new workflows, develop new and more efficient processes, and increase automation. All of these activities have brought clear and rapid returns. The new system has also helped Orbico speed up their operations, while also improving customer serviceSome other benefits include: 

  • Increased efficiency. By automating repetitive, manual tasks, the company is saving employees’ time, which is used to deliver personalized customer service. The most significant changes took place in the retail chain stores. With the implementation of the new system, the sales teams’ way of working has evolved considerably. Store employees now work faster and better.    
  • Unified business processes across channels. The company can access all the vital business information they need in real time. They can track sales, stock and productivity across all channels of sales (retail, eCommerce and wholesale) from the back office, which has made them more efficient. 
  • Reduced order processing time, which has improved the quality of customer service.  
  • Effective discount and promotion managementOrbico sports and clothing stores can now easily offer personalized discounts and promotions, and optimize their upselling strategy.  

Since implementing LS Retail software, we have been able to better monitor our daily sales and margins and make better business decisions relating to promotions and level of discounts needed, which has been invaluable during the recent difficult retail trading periods.

Eddy Malky, Managing Director

LS Retail software solutions allow us to streamline everyday work of store employees, improve customer service (for example by reducing order processing time), win new customers and increase sales volumes.

Eddy Malky, Managing Director

LS Retail implementation partner


IT.integro, being Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central leading partner in Poland, provides the comprehensive offering of services for domestic and foreign deployment projects of Dynamics 365 Business Central, including on-cloud deployments, roll-outs, upgrades, audits, consulting, support, IT infrastructure, training and helpdesk. It also offers a wide range of industry and business solutions tailored to the individual needs of customers from different industries.

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