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Mr Hoff

Mr is a popular Danish men's fashion chain that offers a wide range of brands in the brick-and-mortar stores and online. Mr Hoff is one of the Mr corporation's 70 nationwide stores. It manages and distributes its own products on a daily basis. When the Mr Hoff store moved to a newly and freshly designed location in Tønder, they chose to discard their previous POS solution to get something more modern, and fitting their need for growth. They decided to purchase the IT solution recommended by the Mr corporation, the LS Retail software solution. This solution was implemented with the help of RelateIT, a local LS Retail implementation partner.

A modern IT solution for the fashion industry

The LS Retail software solution includes Microsoft Dynamics ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning system), plus financial management and a powerful POS solution from LS Retail. For Frank Skovgaard, the chain director for the Mr corporation in Denmark, the system’s high flexibility and ease of use were the most important features. Across the whole Mr corporation the solution is praised for its flexibility and scalability, so that it is easy for the company to grow, adding new POS and stores. Some of the key tools of LS Retail software are inventory management, product ordering, statistics, sales orders, invoicing, and marketing.

An excellent partnership

Thanks to the constant dialogue and support from RelateIT, new opportunities arise for Mr Hoff every day since the LS Retail software solution was implemented. "It is not up for discussion. The results and effect from increased sales numbers can be seen on the bottom line. It is a fact that it’s working," says Hoffman. Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics ERP and LS Retail software, RelateIT provided Mr Hoff with a complete, modern fashion solution.

Successes According to Frank Hoffmann, the owner of Mr Hoff, LS Retail software has brought many benefits to customers and staff. Management can now run their business centrally from back office. They can confidently track sales, stock and productivity live on all of their channels. The system also allows managers to react fast and effectively on the e-commerce and mobile platforms when circumstances change. Prices can be changed easily from HQ with a click, for all the channels. With the LS Retail software solution, Mr. Hoff minimized the risks and errors and maximized the profits. The solution has also improved the company’s time management. The time and money savings have been considerable, to the point that Kenneth Brodersen, the IT Manager who provides counselling and support to new shops, now advises all new Mr stores to purchase LS Retail software.

Mr Hoff

We have improved from an ordinary POS solution to this 100% complete system. It has obviously been quite a big change, but the more well-organized we became, the clearer our full potential and possibilities got.

Frank Hoffmann, Owner

LS Retail implementation partner

twoday RelateIT

RelateIT delivers ambitious ERP solutions. They have a strong focus on Microsoft Dynamics ERP and LS Retail solutions and an extensive understanding of retail companies and their business processes, as many of their consultants and developers have long-term experience in the retail industry. RelateIT values a good cooperation, and strongly believes that this is what creates extraordinary good IT solutions.

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