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LEOLAND's premium fitness club includes two swimming pools and spa facilities. Visitors can choose from a range of sports programs and yoga classes, or book appointments with health experts. They can as well practice their backhand at one of the many tennis courts or join one of the classes hosted by the dance school.

The park offers exciting activities for the whole family, including a park of professions, a laboratory, trampoline, a labyrinth, a cinema-restaurant airing latest releases.

Business case

LEOLAND was initially scheduled to open to visitors in Spring 2022, but in February of the same year, the war broke out in Ukraine. As a result, LEOLAND faced significant challenges, such as disruption to their supply chains, economic instability, and security risks. Also, many of the company’s employees became volunteers, with some joining the local defense forces or going to the frontline.

Despite the ongoing challenges, Ukrainian businesses like LEOLAND have demonstrated remarkable resilience and adaptability. LEOLAND not only continued the construction of its center but also actively sought a reliable and comprehensive system to manage its operations.


Offering so many attractions and activities requires the right technology to ensure smooth operations and customer satisfaction. The management team at LEOLAND decided to acquire a reliable system that would provide a solid foundation for current and future business processes.

The ideal platform would need to:

  • Bring together all key business processes, including finance, Point of Sale (POS), bookings for things like sports equipment and services, loyalty management, and analytics
  • allow for integration with the company’s eCommerce platform
  • comply with international standards for future expansion

Local LS Retail partner, SMART business, presented a set of solutions that easily integrated with each other and covered all the key business processes LEOLAND wanted to fulfill. LEOLAND decided their IT system would consist of:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system
  • LS Central POS and retail management system and Bookings for LS Central
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales CRM system
  • Microsoft Power BI tools
  • A range of connector solutions from SMART business

LS Central is an end-to-end retail software that covers financial management, Point of Sale (POS), store operations, eCommerce, and customer loyalty. The add-on functionality Bookings for LS Central enables businesses like LEOLAND to schedule meetings, classes, and events, sell tickets and club cards, and manage bookings for equipment and resources, with the same software they use to handle sales.

To make sure they would be ready for the opening day, LEOLAND decided to implement the solution while simultaneously constructing the center, to introduce it gradually and deal with issues as needed. The team at SMART business managed to quickly adapt to changes in external factors and customer processes, for example, the addition of a tennis court in the kids area, and were able to go live with the new system after just 9 months. The Bookings for LS Central add-on was deployed throughout the business, including the dance studio, gyms, and kid’s city of professions in just 7 days.

It was also extremely important to ensure the system could operate smoothly and have all processes running on SaaS (Software as a Service) to easily keep up with the latest version of LS Central. “Running LS Central in the cloud allows LEOLAND to manage their business from anywhere, but also provides them with the flexibility they need to expand their business to other cities across Ukraine and abroad,” says LEOLAND’s marketing team.


Having an all-in-one system like LS Central supports LEOLAND in many ways. The company has been able to provide excellent services that people want to come back for, ensuring a constant turnover of visitors from day one. Some of the features LEOLAND enjoys the most include:

  • Streamlined processes and increased efficiency – “The new solution allows us to manage all processes in a single platform,” says LEOLAND’s marketing team. “All this greatly simplifies and speeds up our work because the automation of seemingly ordinary processes has made it possible to shift the focus from operational work to solving strategic issues.”
  • Improved communication in the workplace – All the information that staff members enter into Business Central and LS Central is immediately synchronized with the CRM system, which ensures a reliable, seamless flow of information at all times. Users can quickly access the data they need, which saves considerable time and simplifies their work.
  • Improved communication with customers – With the new system, LEOLAND can keep track of customers’ preferences and use this information to provide individual recommendations and personalized offers.
  • Clear overview of day-to-day operations – The company gets access to real-time insights into their business performance, from sales to products and services.
  • Powerful reporting capabilities – The company can identify sales trends and spot areas of their business that need improvement. The system makes it possible to generate reports and analyze data from different angles, and, accordingly, draw conclusions and continuously improve client experience. For example, the company can see which goods and services are selling the most and which require adjustments in pricing or promotional strategies.

With the support of SMART business and LS Retail, LEOLAND can focus on providing a relaxing and fun experience for kids, adults, and sports fans of all ages, without having to worry about maintaining their software infrastructure.

Leoland Thanks to implementing LS Central and Bookings for LS Central, we managed to build a flexible modern digital environment for efficient, and most importantly, convenient operations in the company.
LEOLAND, Marketing team

LS Retail implementation partner

SMART business

SMART business is one of the leading Microsoft partner in the implementation and development of modern ERP, CRM, HRM systems, who provides own cross-industry solutions based on Microsoft technologies, predictive analytics and AI.

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