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Inco Cash & Carry

Founded in Copenhagen in 1922, Inco Cash and Carry has become the leading food wholesaler in Denmark. The company runs three locations, in Aarhus, Glostrup and Copenhagen.

Finding the right system

Inco had been using an outdated stand-alone retail solution before implementing the LS Retail software. This outdated system caused numerous maintenance issues, especially with regards to pricing and new products. Recognizing the need to modernize their entire business, Inco made the decision to upgrade their POS system. They were on the lookout for a software solution that could provide a comprehensive and modern customer experience. In addition, they wanted a system that seamlessly integrated their back-office and POS to ensure accurate and aligned data. Inco evaluated multiple options. Ultimately, they chose the LS Retail software solution, which proved to be an all-in-one solution that perfectly aligned with their requirements and goals.

A stable solution

The LS Retail software solution was implemented first in the two physical stores in Copenhagen and Aarhus, running twenty and ten Points of Sale (POS) respectively. Later on, the system was also installed in the third Inco location in Glostrup. The implementation team feared potential performance issues in the largest store, running 20 POS. In order to avoid the risk of heavy disruption to the business, the team at JCD A/S designed an architecture consisting of a single database within every single Point of Sale. “Thanks to this solution architecture and thorough testing effort, we managed to reach some of the major requirements that showed up during the initial workshop analysis, concerning a stable solution which supported a fast completion of a customer order,” says Christian Hjulmand, Project Manager at JCD A/S. Lars Arndt, Department Manager at Inco, adds: “Fast completion of orders enables us to serve more customers within the same opening hours, which results in increased turnover”.

Supporting a busy business

With the LS Retail software solution powering its stores, Inco has improved its customer service and speed of execution.

Quick transactions

The Inco stores process a large number of transactions every day, as they have many loyal customers from the Food and Beverage industry. The magnitude of business requires the shopping process to be quick and smooth. In order to meet their customers’ needs, the team decided that the solution would also need to include a self-service functionality. The self-service function consists of a wireless hand-held hardware scanner, which the customer can take along within the shop. The store in Glostrup is exclusively based on this efficient self-service functionality, with no traditional Point of sales. The self-service solution is followed up by an exit functionality, which ensures safe and reliable checkout and payment.

Safe payments and loss prevention

The LS Retail software solution is integrated with payment terminals and a retail cash management system called Safepay, which not only receives and handles the customer’s cash payments, but also pays out change. This integrated solution ensures low risk of theft and robbery, for the benefit of Inco and its employees. “With our new unified system we can now serve approximately 1,000 customers every day,” says Lars Arndt.

Inco Cash & Carry

Choosing the LS Retail software solution as Inco’s future retail solution was an easy decision. Professional counseling from the partner, and the fit/gap analysis between our needs and the functionality of the solution, helped us realize early in the process that the LS Retail software solution was the right choice for us.

Lars Arndt, Department Manager
Inco Cash & Carry

Our goal and vision at Inco is to provide a fast and effective service to our customers. The LS Retail software solution fulfills this vision through an integrated system with some important add-ons. Our operation has now become very stable and reliable, which ensures happy and satisfied employees and customers.

Lars Arndt, Department Manager

LS Retail implementation partner


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