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Het Natuurhuis

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Founded in 1977 in Merksem, Belgium, Het Natuurhuis is a health food supermarket chain specializing in organic food and nature-friendly products. The company now runs multiple physical stores across Belgium as well as an online store. On top of selling organic food, natural cosmetics and nutritional supplements, the company also runs workshops for nature and ecology lovers inside its stores.

Looking for the right system

As Het Natuurhuis started opening multiple locations, they realized they needed a reliable and flexible retail management system. The company contacted The Concept Group, a local LS Retail partner who suggested the LS Retail software solution as the best fit for the company’s needs.

All in sync

Now all Het Natuurhuis stores, as well as the webstore, run on LS Retail software. All stores now synced with each other, giving management total visibility over sales and inventory across the business. The interconnection of the stores has also brought great time savings to the company: prices and discounts are easily updated centrally for all stores. The system also offers extensive reporting capabilities. Every scanned label is registered in the LS Retail software solution, and automatically processed for analysis, giving Het Natuurhuis up-to-date, solid data which they can use to optimize their inventory, offers, and overall business strategy. Thanks to the system’s automations, retail staff can now spend less time on routine tasks, dedicating more time to customers. With the LS Retail software solution powering its stores, Het Natuurhuis is confident that it has all the tools it needs to grow and succeed.

LS Retail implementation partner


TCOG is a Microsoft GOLD partner. They guide you through the automation of various business processes: going from inventory management, warehouse management, purchase and sales, retail, to financial management, CRM and human resources management. With their industry know-how and no-nonsense approach, they can properly analyze the situation and recommend the most appropriate solution.

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