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Grove New Retail

After opening their first five grocery stores G Fresh in 2021, they introduced the brands G Market, G Discount, and G Care to the market. The company has an active short-term strategy to open hundreds of stores across Vietnam with these four brands.

To reflect Grove New Retail’s sustainability mission, and meet consumer demand, the new locations offer products that are environmentally friendly without compromising on quality. Grove New Retail is also working to move towards sustainably packaged goods and carbon-neutral delivery.

Business Case

When Grove New Retail started looking for a new POS and ERP system to manage their stores, they had clear requirements in mind. In addition to being fast to implement, easy to configure, simple to use and cost-effective, the new solution would need to:

  • Support their business requirements for retail
  • Allow for continuous expansion of locations and brand names
  • Enable seamless integration with other systems they were using, including Sana Commerce for SAP, a third-party customer experience platform, and a payment solution

The solution

The company evaluated several local solutions, but none of them had the functionality and long-term vision required. Once introduced to LS Central, a unified business management software from LS Retail, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, they realized it was the right solution for them. “There are very few systems that offer advanced functionality for every industry in which we operate like the LS Retail solution,” says Mrs. Tam Nguyen, Brand Manager at Grove New Retail.

The company contacted NaviWorld Vietnam, an LS Retail partner known for its high professionalism and experience in ERP implementations within the region. NaviWorld Vietnam managed to rollout the system and the required integrations in record time: LS Central was successfully implemented in fifteen retail stores in just two months and will soon make its way to more stores.


With the new system, Grove New Retail can manage their operations efficiently from head office to POS terminals, and manage products, prices, and promotions centrally for all their locations and brands. Thanks to its new business solution, Grove New Retail now enjoys:

  • Deeply specialized industry functionality – LS Central can be used to run grocery stores, supermarkets, health, and beauty stores, within the same platform.
  • Ability to integrate to more solutions – The system makes it easy for the company to expand the functionality, while giving them space to integrate with other business applications.
  • Powerful reporting and analyzing tools – The company can track store performance in real-time, and make better, informed decisions.
  • Flexibility to add POS and deploy new stores – LS Central is designed for growth, giving the company more confidence to scale.

Looking to the future, LS Central will enable Grove New Retail to open new stores, and easily increase the number of POS in every store. Supported by LS Retail and NaviWorld Vietnam, Grove New Retail is confident they will continue to create consistent and welcoming experiences across all their retail locations for both new and existing customers.

Grove New Retail Since we implemented LS Central, we can easily manage all store procedures, from store statements to payment methods, to cash management, while accessing our business data anytime, anywhere, which in turn helps us drive better sales decisions.
Tam Nguyen , Brand Manager

LS Retail implementation partner

NaviWorld Vietnam Ltd.

NaviWorld Vietnam is a leading solutions provider of end-to-end integrated and adaptable business management applications for mid-sized companies in Vietnam, South East Asia and Middle East.

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