Futbolmania is the largest store in Spain specializing in all football-related goods. Football enthusiasts will find everything they need: equipment, official team kits of national and international teams, an official FC Barcelona shop, a goalkeeper section and more than 500 types of boots. The great product selection has made Futbolmania the main destination for football lovers. Over time, Futbolmania has increased its services and nowadays it also organizes campus events and new product launches with the presence of professional players.

A critical situation

Before implementing the Dynamics NAV and LS Nav solutions, the situation was getting critical. Futbolmania faced several limitations that restricted sales to the stores, which needed to be constantly connected, as they were dependent on the head office. Besides, Futbolmania wanted to launch promotions and offers to its customers, and get full control of loyalty schemes. Finally, the company lacked a tool to manage sales analytics for the stores.

A solution to be crazy about

Futbolmania is a growing company that opted to break with the past and obtain new solutions to overcome its sales limitations, with the objective of expanding around the country.

Several solutions were involved in the project. The first masterstroke of the plan was the implementation of LS Nav with the main goal of optimizing customer loyalty. Loyalty cards, such as VIP customer cards and member cards were set up and linked to specific discounts, 11% of for members, 25€ off for VIP customers. These loyalty cards are managed from the head office and updated in real time for all the stores, removing the risk of inconsistent information. The reporting tool was also implemented to connect Microsoft Excel directly with all the business systems, including Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS Nav. This ensures that daily, weekly or monthly business reports can be generated in an easy and intuitive way.

The seamless connection between the head office and the stores ensures that all data is synchronized, which has increased our reaction capabilities and given us tools to study our customers. This also allowed us to implement loyalty programs.

- Ricard Esteve , CEO

Expanding effortlessly with full control of operations

With the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS Retail, Futbolmania has been able to expand its business. It has opened a new store in Madrid, one outlet in Barcelona and an online store.

The main benefit has been the centralization of information: now head office has total visibility over sales at the stores. The advantages of LS Nav are reflected in the operational results, including a 50% reduction in wait time for data synchronization, increased efficiency of warehouse employees and, most significantly, a reduction of the store work by 40% thanks to the tasks performed by the central control.

Besides, employees are now informed of what is available and what they need to buy. They can control stock and are better equipped to achieve the sales objectives.

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