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Cross Jeans

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Looking for a unified platform

As a quickly growing company, Cross Jeans realized that their IT system was hindering their ability to operate effectively, and limiting their expansion plans. In specific, their business data was often inconsistent. The separate systems used to manage the B2B and B2C sales had problems communicating with each other. Because of its outdated systems, Cross Jeans also couldn’t keep up with changing consumer expectations. The company wanted to offer its customers a loyalty program and various types of discounts and gift cards – but they couldn’t with their current system. The company started looking for a new ERP and POS solution. The ideal platform would need to offer:

  • global availability, support and functionality
  • seamless data synchronization
  • immediate access to information across all locations
  • BI, reporting and analytical tools
  • online and offline sales tools
  • loyalty management
  • a flexible promotion engine
  • easy integration with the e-commerce platform
  • powerful replenishment

They realized that what they needed was a unified commerce solution that would provide a common platform with a single database for the whole global enterprise. This would enable all interested parties to easily access real-time business data in a clear, consistent format, and use it to develop advanced analyses and reports.

A global solution: LS Retail software

After investigating different solutions, the company selected the LS Retail software solution, based on Microsoft Dynamics ERP, as the new system for all their Polish locations. There were several decisive factors behind this choice. The LS Retail system is a well-established POS and retail management software in the fashion industry, and offers many important industry-specific tools. It also has a well-documented international reach, and supports multi-language and multi-currency transactions. The Microsoft Dynamics ERP is a highly usable system that could easily be integrated with an e-commerce platform supporting both wholesale and retail activities.

An ambitious project

The system was implemented by IT.integro, a local LS Retail partner and a technology company Cross Jeans already knew and trusted from previous successful cooperation. The implementation of the system went according to plan. The go-live day saw 25 physical stores switch to the new system at the same time – an enormous challenge for the teams involved. The system launch was preceded by two months of testing conducted in two selected Cross Jeans stores. “It was a high-involvement project for our employees. It was carried out in compliance with Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology, so users had ongoing control over performed tasks,” says Przemysław Madejski, COO at Cross Jeans. “They had a chance to get to know the system by writing acceptance scripts on their own. Now, they take responsibility for the problem-solving process.” IT.Integro also took care of integrating several add-ons to our software. These include solutions to:

  • manage deliveries from shipping companies
  • handle electronic banking
  • fulfil legal requirements regarding management of personal data
  • analyze data and create in-depth reports (Business Intelligence).

Total control and superior customer service

Since implementing the new system, Cross Jeans has experienced notable improvements in its business. Businesses processes were optimized, and the brand is experiencing greater competitiveness, and can better adjust to changing market trends.

Cross-channel overview

Today, Cross jeans management can easily monitor processes across all their sales channels (website and physical stores) and analyze data relative to inventory, customers, vendors, special orders and loyalty programs. This oversight has empowered management to take quicker, better business decision.

Flexible discount and promotion management

The LS Retail software enables retailers to set various types of discounts, special deals and promotions with multiple combinations of parameters. Today, Cross Jeans can finally run multiple types of offers tailoring them to each item and customer. All campaigns can also be easily managed from head office. “With LS Retail software, we can apply several promotion variants and, by doing it, improve our competitiveness and be more reliable and attractive to our customers,” says Przemysław Madejski.

Streamlined purchase planning

Before using the LS Retail system, stock replenishment in the fashion chain was managed through Excel spreadsheets. This meant that, for each single store, long hours of analysis were needed to decide what items should be ordered. With the replenishment features of the LS Retail software solution, Cross Jeans has been able to speed up and simplify the planning and distribution processes, reduce storage costs and ensure higher availability of items in warehouses and stores. The automatic replenishment function has enabled the company to calculate the right item quantities for each store and warehouse to prevent stock-outs. Using current inventory levels and the sales history, the company can now forecast inventory needs and optimize stock levels.

Rewarding customer loyalty

With the LS Retail software, Cross Jeans can finally offer a loyalty program to reward returning customers. By using the data in the loyalty program, such as customers’ tastes, preferences and shopping history, Cross Jeans has been able to optimize its marketing campaigns, segment customers, and offer them personalized offers and promotions.

Always selling, online and offline

Before the new system, Cross Jeans was facing problems processing sales in some locations because of sudden loss of connectivity. With the new platform, and the resource redundancy, backup connections and evening support services by IT.Integro, Cross Jeans stores can now always be operational, online or offline.

Improved internal communication

“In the past, each department used their own Excel spreadsheets. Relevant information was communicated during meetings. There was no common database storing all essential data concerning delivery dates, prices and special offers,” explains Przemysław Madejski. The new unified platform has streamlined communication among employees, and given everyone across the chain instant access to all the information they need on business processes.

Benefits all around

The impact of the new system has extended over the whole enterprise, down to the customers of Cross Jeans, who can now benefit from more services. Since implementing the new system, Cross Jeans has also managed to:

  • Optimize and reorganize its business processes
  • Increase work efficiency and reduce errors in the warehouse using barcodes
  • Cut staff training times, thanks to the user-friendliness of the LS Retail POS interface
  • Improve omni-channel services by integrating ERP and e-commerce platform
  • Better monitor costs
  • Enable product returns at any store location
  • Start offering gift cards.
Cross Jeans

The LS Retail unified commerce solution gives us comprehensive insights into our company’s performance. We are able to analyze data on an ongoing basis, plan future logistic and promotional activities.

Przemysław Madejski, COO
Cross Jeans

When deciding to implement the LS Retail software solution on Microsoft Dynamics ERP, we paid particular attention to the international reach of both solutions. With multi-language and multi-currency features, we could install the systems in all our European stores and continue growing.

Przemysław Madejski, COO
Cross Jeans

We chose solutions that were flexible, scalable and tailored to our specific business needs. What finally convinced us to choose LS Retail software solution was a list of references with clients from the retail and fashion industry.

Przemysław Madejski, COO
Cross Jeans

A major advantage of the LS Retail software is its intuitive interface and user-friendliness. This is particularly important to us, because a growing business leads to an increase in staff headcount. A user-friendly interface and simple-to-use features limit to a significant degree the costs of hiring and onboarding new employees.

Przemysław Madejski, COO

LS Retail implementation partner


IT.integro, being Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central leading partner in Poland, provides the comprehensive offering of services for domestic and foreign deployment projects of Dynamics 365 Business Central, including on-cloud deployments, roll-outs, upgrades, audits, consulting, support, IT infrastructure, training and helpdesk. It also offers a wide range of industry and business solutions tailored to the individual needs of customers from different industries.

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