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Bradford Greenhouses

Family-owned-and-operated for over fifty years, Bradford Greenhouses take pride in employing some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry. Their retail stores offer customers three things to ensure the most enjoyable shopping experience: service, quality, and selection.

Combining technology with an organic business

Being in business since 1961 proves that Bradford Greenhouses has embraced the changes in industry standards and the growing effect of technology. This philosophy led them to research the platform that would give them the best foundation for their current and future needs.

With multiple store locations and an online flower shop, Bradford Greenhouses knew they would need to find a system that could unify all their business channels and give them a single vision of their customers’ preferences and real-time inventory information. Their search for a solution that would be easy to implement, and even easier to optimize, led them to LS Retail. LS Retail’s ability to integrate their wholesale and retail revenue streams into one system became an attractive way to maintain industry-leading efficiency.

Managing thousands of products

With over 87,000 square feet of nursery stock, Bradford Greenhouses needed a system that could manage inventory of their thousands of products effectively. One of the key factors in deciding on LS Retail technology was its compatibility with the company’s existing inventory financials, Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

A straightforward implementation

Bradford Greenhouses experienced a smooth installation process, with the new platform going live when expected. Since its implementation, the system has saved the company valuable time, automating management processes that were previously completed manually.  

Always working, even when offline

The ability of the LS Retail system to operate self-sufficiently in the event of a network disconnection between stores was another decisive selling point. With the greenhouses operating year-round in a seasonal sales environment, both inventory and sales systems had to run flawlessly, regardless of outside factors such as regional power failures or loss of internet. The new system enables the business to be always operational, regardless of whether the locations could communicate with the main servers or each other.

Flexible promotion functionality

As a business dedicated to being customer-focused in a competitive market, the ability to run multiple promotional cycles was paramount for Bradford Greenhouses. In the LS Retail system, you can easily add discounts, promotions, bonuses, gift certificates, and cards, as well as exclusive email offers. This has saved the company time, and helped them better reward customers.

A future built on loyalty

Bradford Greenhouses has enjoyed a flourishing business for almost sixty years, and expects to keep on delighting customers for many more decades to come. The fact that both Microsoft and LS Retail provide clear roadmaps of future developments convinced the company that this was the right solution for their business: reliable, tested, and constantly kept up-to-date to help retailers stay ahead of the competition.

Looking into the future, Bradford Greenhouses will be exploring the technologies available through LS Retail’s mobile apps, their click-and-collect systems, and will advance their loyalty program to reward long-term customers, no matter which location they shop at.

By leaning into the future of business management technology, Bradford Greenhouses has prepared its business and its dedication to the customer experience to grow and flourish in the years to come.

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Bradford Greenhouses

LS Central allowed us to modernize our retail system and has streamlined many of our back-office operations. We find it a very dependable system which has benefited our customer experience.

Len Ferragine, Owner

LS Retail implementation partner

Sandham Adams

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