Founded in 1951, Bernabé operates in the retail and distribution of industrial and construction materials, hardware and steel. Bernabé’s products and services support the industrial, mining, farming and construction sectors. The company runs over 15 specialized stores in five countries across Africa, namely Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Congo, Gabon and Senegal.

Latest technology to support growth

While going through a period of growth, the Bernabé group began considering new technologies to support its business development. In order to compete with other companies, Bernabé realized the need to have a consistent information system across the whole business. The ideal system would:

  • Be flexible, and easily adapted to the different situations the company faces.
  • Help the company centralize its strategic decisions.
  • Support rapid deployment of new services to customers.

A widely known system

Bernabé selected the LS Retail software solution as its new system. LS Retail software is based on Microsoft Dynamics, an ERP that is well-known, and easier to customize than other solutions in the market. The choice of the LS Retail software solution was also motivated by the interesting back office functionalities, which enable Bernabé to build and deploy new offers rapidly.

Increased efficiency

Although the company went through some challenges during the implementation, for example as regards customizing the LS Retail software POS to Bernabé special field of activity - which is very different from classic retailers – the company is very satisfied with its new system. Today, Bernabé can provide more efficient services to its customers. They have also optimized the consolidation of stores activities and reduced their shortfall in revenue.

With the LS Retail software solution we can provide our customers with more targeted offers, and have improved relationships with both our customers and suppliers.

Patrick Chazaud, CIO

Since implementing the LS Retail software solution our business has become more profitable, as we have timely access to critical business indicators.

Patrick Chazaud, CIO